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ZetaTalk: Operation Topoff
Note: written during the May 10, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session

The past week has been a week of events, some natural, some political. Weather and quakes extremes have increased to the extent that they have become undeniable, to any not brain dead. As we predicted, droughts and deluges, and lineal increase in quakes to the extent that they would be more than subliminal tremors but noticed, have occurred. At the same time, the unaided eye sightings occurred on schedule, as well as the Second Sun sightings, all registered on photos for the public unable to get clear skies or a solid view to see. Nancy has, within the US, been given broad coverage recently, on C2C and Gentile, on local radio stations, and beyond the interviews word of mouth is like wild fire on the issue. As we have repeatedly stated, when ZetaTalk has success, the push back increases to meet this success, a reason for allowing Nancy to stumble on occasion on minor issues like the Beatles, and to be so broke as to be assumed unable to function by the arrogant rich who consider her a prime threat.

The issue came up last Saturday in chat as to whether the White House took credence in the May 15 to June 1 [Note: see 2003 Date explanation] time frame for serious rotation stoppage and pole shift to occur, and our answer was that they did not. So what changed, this past week, that

  1. a May 4 announcement of the TopOff exercises, mobilizing 100 agencies nationwide and into Canada, and
  2. a May 5 NASA web site article listing Nancy Lieder by name as well as Nibiru, debunking the issue of a passage soon.

If one wanted to debunk, why not leave her name out of it, as undoubtedly the readership would locate the ZetaTalk web site in Internet searches. Is this Good Cop/Bad Cop on the issues, both denying the truth while putting the spot light on the prime spokesperson, Nancy? Yes! And what has occurred that this situation was quickly scrambled forth?

It has often been presented that human astrophysics simply does not consider the speed of approach of Planet X that we have always asserted is possible, and that an orbit such as we have described from the start would occur. Yes, NASA and JPL located the brown dwarf in 1983, estimated its size and distance, and then fell to holding their breath, as they viewed any approach as outside of their lifetimes. Up until 1995, it was virtually in place, dithering at the midpoint. When it began to move, the uptick was slow at first, then increasing in the last year or so to zoom into the outer edges of the solar system. This was much ridiculed on sci.astro, as the rule is that any object approaching a solar system at that speed would reach what humans call escape velocity, and never return. Since this was purported by the ancients and geological evidence to be a repeater, they assumed such a speed would not occur, but it did.

When the speed was noted, the orbit was then clung to as a hope that a close passage would not occur, as human astrophysics does not consider the Repulsion Force to exist as we have described it. Thus, they computed a straight line through the solar system, far afield from a close passage to the Earth, and went about grabbing the oil fields in the MidEast and other such more pressing issues. Recently, they have lost visibility, losing probes such as the Pioneer and distracted by the loss of the Columbia. Other probes also were lost, unknown to the public. When the dust of distraction cleared and fresh astronauts were placed on the Space Station, they set about triangulating again to examine the orbit of Planet X. To their horror, its orbit was assuming what WE have always asserted! Thus, the sudden adjustment to a possible May 15, or shortly thereafter, occurrence of severe panic in the populace was done.

In other words, if we have been right about the orbit and the speed, then we might be right about the date!

What adjustments were to be made, then, in an arrogant group of elite who assumed they had months to secure the MidEast oil fields, to arrange to blow up bridges so the underclass in large cities would drown or die in quake and not escape, and to block roads throughout the nations in this conspiracy to rule the world as kings afterwards so that only desireable workers survived to be enslaved.

If no other clue that the Earth changes we have been predicting since 1995 are true, the timing of these exercises is a loud announcement that they are considered true by NASA and the White House.

So, given that, why is Nancy suddenly being given publicity, albeit negative publicity? As we have stated in the past, repeatedly, ZetaTalk is the single source of a positive message about how to survive, and live afterwards. Other sites have been attempted, and only resulted in people clutching to each other, small group formation. ZetaTalk has, under the democratic hand of Nancy and those who have worked with her on Troubled Times, developed a set of survival guides, including Energy, Food, Shelter, and Health needs, that the public can consume quickly and research readily. Nancy has never failed to mention how one can survive, the simple steps, and where to go for the information, on her interviews, and acts as an information officer for the site on email, pointing to the TOPICS the anxious correspondent needs to find. Put yourself in the shoes of the White House, in shock that the date might be soon, and not sure how the mobilization and control of the populace might play out. How to dampen panic? Give them solutions! And thus, we have Nancy in the wings!

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