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ZetaTalk: House of Cards
Note: written during the Apr 5, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session

There has, from the start of the war in Iraq, been a presentation to the American people contrary to the facts. Other countries, with reporters on the scene, report otherwise, but these discrepancies are not addressed during the sessions done by the American military or White House spokesperson. A war that was anticipated to be resolved, a done deed, within 3 days, per the hype the White House was spewing, has dragged into two weeks. Setbacks include not being allowed to loft cruise missiles over Turkey or Saudi land, as they are landing in the wrong country on occasion, including the soil they were supposed to sail over. This, despite hype that they are so accurate they can find the proper chimney to swoop down, so directed by the technology. Cities are reported to be secure, then over a week later the cities are still slowly becoming secure, day by day. The media reports statements by the American generals, the Bush Administration, congratulating themselves. Where does the truth lie?

As with public opinion polls, which can be manipulated endlessly to show a support that never existed for this war, the facts can be manipulated. Select photo sessions, showing starving children grabbing food from the hands of soldiers, can be interpreted as a welcoming gesture. Tanks and planes in the desert, soldiers playing cards and cleaning their guns, are these victory photos? Imagine the number of bombs dropped on Iraq dropping on an American city, several thousand over days, continuous booms, and not telling where they will land by mistake. What would this do to the citizenry of that city? Of course the facts, the truth, are not being reported. The facts are as follows:

It is a house of cards.

Bin Laden has not been found, has not been killed, is still alive and well in Afghanistan, but don't think about that. Instead, pretend that Iraq is Bin Laden, and as we have talked of nothing but Iraq for months, and asserted endlessly that the US has secret proof of a link to Bin Laden, never proved, but don't think about the lack of proof, but instead assume that the Bush Administration is rooting out terrorists by going to Iraq. This house of cards assumes that a win in Iraq, with oil flowing to the US like honey, will distract the American public from the reality of what has just happened. More oil, suddenly cheaper, will boost the Stock Market, so the theory goes. Since wars cost money, all those bombs exploded upon the heads of innocent civilians in Iraq need to be replaced, a market boost again. And the war mongers win, or so the theory goes!

But what if the house of cards collapses? Does not hold?

Iraq is not won, Bin Laden reappears, the Stock Market so desperately held up by frantic buying and selling among conspirators, an illegal act, falls to desperate selling with no buying. Thus, the fear that this house of cards will collapse is why the invasion is talked endlessly as a success, a fantastic success, congratulations in the media by the generals and the White House. My, my, would it not be wonderful if we all could congratulate ourselves on being a success, and thus make it so!.

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