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ZetaTalk: Depression
Note: written during the Mar 8, 2003 IRC Session

Those closely watching the current events, in particular the faces of those associated with the Bush Administration, have noted depression, lack of humor, and resignation. What is going on, behind closed doors, that the war with Iraq is the dominant theme despite all other screamingly important issues such as the economy and N. Korea and the weather extremes. There are those that suspect that the Iraq issue is only a distraction from the economy, as a country at war almost invariably firms up behind the leader, at least temporarily. Others suspect that Bush is using the war with Iraq to get control of the oil fields, the better to become billionaires in later days, rather than mere millionaires. And there are those that suspect the war with Iraq is merely being used as a distraction for the failure to capture Bin Laden. And yet others suspect that Bush is running a religious crusade, or perhaps a personal vendetta against Saddam as he targeted the daddy Bush at one point in the past. None of these are the true issues on why the intensity and grimness prevail, and what the real worries are.

We have mentioned that the Bush crowd, who are not run by George W. by any means but by strong hands behind the scenes not known to the public, intends to be kings in the Aftertime, after the coming earth changes have passed, by controlling the oil fields with the powerful US Military, and invading whatever country remains resistant with this military arm, which is spread all over the globe at present. They underestimate the coming pole shift, which will negate their plans utterly, but they listen not to us, the Service-to-Others Zetas, but to others who are misleading them. The current George W. Bush is, as we have stated, is a weak person, mentored by his father for this reason, and chosen by the strong arms behind the current President for this reason - he can be manipulated. However, as the President, he issues orders, and thus regardless of their illogic, he is rigid when his commanders are rigid, and the confusion is passed down the line.

Thus you see an increasingly depressed Powell, addressing the UN with increasingly irrelevant statements on why a war is necessary at this time. Thus you see the Stock Market, around the world, plunging and oil prices sky rocketing, with a deaf ear turned to the Republican contributors the Bush campaign. Thus you see Bush coming forth with great timidity for a press conference, scared, with a controlled agenda during the conference where few were allowed to pose their questions to him. They are caught, these puppets, these underlings, with only Bush himself truly getting the overview of what is to be done, the underlings given only orders, no explanation. None of them are happy, but as with the Space Program, they will push forward until disaster after disaster occurs, increasingly resigning, increasingly voicing contradictory statements, and increasingly looking depressed and distressed. The only way to understand this crowd is to see the iron grip on the current President, chosen for his weakness, shoved into office by voter fraud arranged by packing the Supreme Court in prior years. Any other logic fails.

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