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ZetaTalk: Bin Laden Audio
Note: written during the Feb 15, 2003 IRC Session

Why would Bin Laden produce only an audio, when formerly he produced video? Most of the world is highly suspicious, in that Powell failed to rally the UN with his so-called evidence, all hearsay and second hand and not evidence at all. Troubled with NATO, anti-war demonstrations, a continuously falling Stock Market, and no terror attacks in the US despite the Bush Administration's fervent need for something to act as the trigger for war! The inspectors finding no evidence, despite the US giving them all the intel they have, and thus, the Bush Administration falling flat. What would it take to manufacture a Bin Laden tape? Do they not have his voice on tape already, from his many videos and the like? To certify an audio as coming from an individual, it needs to be produced from that person, but who is checking for splicing? Go over past tapes the CIA has in their possession, and find a word in the new audio that does not already appear in the old. Indeed, manufactured, and as Bin Laden is scarcely dead as announced in the past by the US, he will find his own way of announcing this falsehood.

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