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ZetaTalk: Anti-War Protests
Note: written during the Feb 15, 2003 IRC Session

Anti-war protests against the US intent are sincere and emerging for many reasons. This war has been painted by the war mongers as one to liberate the country, when occupation will result. The war has been painted as one that will be over quickly, when this is never the case, tens of thousands of lives lost, maimed, and agony for the civilians and troops alike. The war has been painted as justified, for biological agents and bombs, when other countries such as North Korea and the US and Russia clearly have these, are developing them, and the US is being the war monger. Then there is the issue of oil, where the Bush family and Cheney have earned their money in the past. Who would control the Iraq oil, and the Saudi oil which will be conquered next?

Are we to suppose that oil prices will drop, when California was punished by Enron, going into the election where Bush supposedly took office, for being Democratic? California had blackouts, because the Enron electricity was hiked to punish them. Europe would be next. And where is the alternative energy funding in the new war-mongering budget forwarded by the Bush Administration? Nonexistent, in essence, cut back, a warning to any who think our words are hollow. Indeed, the agony of the injury to the innocent, the certainty of continuing world domination attempts by the US, and the deaf ear the US administration is currently turning to starvation worldwide, economic devastation in the US and worldwide, has all populations alarmed. Thus, these protests are not engineered, manufactured, but are spontaneous from many sources, all with various worry points.

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