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ZetaTalk: Government Song
Note: written on Aug 15, 1995

Where we are concerned to reduce fear and anxiety in the Earth's inhabitants, there are those that would increase this. The Service-to-Self enclaves arrived early to your hapless planet and acted aggressively. They contacted your government, as they had contacted other governments in the world. They dangled baubles such as special treatment during disasters and technological advantages over other Earthlings. It is no secret to you how your government responded. The cat is out of the bag, as you say. If you have never heard a song, and you now hear only one song singing, you would be inclined to think there was only one song to be sung. We and other benevolent alien groups approached your governments so that they could hear a different song.

Your government, as with your populace, is not mostly evil. In the main, they wish to do the right thing by those they are bound to serve. We are attempting to help them get to this point. At a minimum, we are attempting to foil the original song they heard, so that at a minimum your government does not sing this song to you. Why was this done, you might ask, when this different song could have been sung to the populace at large. Of course, this song is being sung to the populace at large, in a manner that elicits the least fear and anxiety. It was necessary to sing a different song to your government because they are influential to those they govern. They control the media, to a far greater extent than you would ever allow yourself to believe. They therefore control what their populace is allowed to experience, consciously.

Note: below added during the Jul 20, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Just before the time of Roswell, and just before the collection of the Earth Vote to determine the future orientation of Planet Earth, those in the Service-to-Self landed on Earth and contacted the US Military intel organizations. This was done by the Omnipotent Krlll and the like, with the intent of impressing this very influential element in Earth matters, that aliens were

  1. powerful,
  2. real,
  3. should not be resisted.

The Service-to-Self aliens knew that upon the results of the Earth vote that such conscious contact would not be allowed, thus slipped in at the last minute with what they expected to be a coup. In that the balance had been disturbed, the Council of Worlds allowed Service-to-Others aliens to also initiate contact, which was done during Roswell. The Service-to-Others aliens did so via a means often used, to present themselves as weak, vulnerable, so humans would feel free to approach and converse. Thus, the story of Roswell, much based upon truth. This left the common man out of the loop, but balance within the US government, which in those days, and even today, is highly influential in world affairs.

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