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ZetaTalk: Debris
Note: written during the Feb 8, 2003 IRC Session

It has been rumored that the Shuttle Columbia was carrying Plutonium, and thus the distress over its parts spread far and near during the disaster. The debris to be recovered is important because of the instruments it represents, instruments not admitted to the public in the published activities accepted for the Shuttle to be involved in.

Monitoring the inbound Planet X, and maneuvering to nuke it, involve primarily probes that have been sent aloft ready to act as guided bombs, and the Hubble. The Hubble has been repeatedly outfitted with new instrumentation, with an urgency the public has wondered about. Just what is the press to learn about deep space, and why the need for Infrared recently? The Hubble, of course, is daily taking images of the inbound Planet and its complex of moons and dust tail, regardless of what the public is told is the work before the Hubble. Only those in NASA, in the inner circle who collect the feed coming from the Hubble, who set the coordinates, know what is truly being viewed, and why. There are levels in these inner circles, such that those collecting this information are surrounded by another circle, and so forth and so on, so that a breach can be caught long before it escapes to the public.

The probe known to be carrying Plutonium, some 70 lb. of this, was scarcely the only such probe, as we have mentioned. Many Russian probes, dozens of probes sent aloft by the Chinese, hired to loft satellites in the past few years, and several from South Africa, though few know of this. These probes go up in groups, not each singly, to disguise the numbers. How many citizens, watching the launches, can observe what happens to them once they are out of sight, monitored only by the instruments sensitive to the equipment onboard? They most often learn of the launches only from the press, and are forbidden from attending the launch, learning of the occurrence after the fact. So what is planned, with these nukes, and what is required?

As assurance that the Hubble can be directed, properly, and the probes directed, even should interference with directives or communications from Earth's surface be disabled due to magnetic or weather problems, the Space Station is viewed as a backup. Man lofted the balloon which viewed the inbound Planet X in 1983, by the IRAS team, because the soup of the atmosphere prevented a clear view. This same soup can prevent reception from the Hubble, but the Space Station is deemed a close and clear command post. They have their instructions, and these three, onboard and unlikely to be removed prior to the terrible hour of passage, are expected to perform like the drones the elite presume them to be. No emotions, no errors, and they hope that no interference from outside forces has occurred, rather obviously, in the case of the Shuttle Columbia.

The plan, then, is to direct the probes to explode upon the surface of the inbound Planet X, redirecting its path. Of course, we have explained that an inbound gravity bound object such as Planet X would not be deflected, but human astrophysics says otherwise, that the trajectory is ruled by Newton, and thus they proceed. Thus nudged out of the way, the results of which would be closely monitored by the Hubble, the Space Station occupants would be returned to Earth as heroes. Of course, no such scenario will occur, but the exact mechanism of its demise will be withheld by us, so as to maximize the disappointment the elite will experience when the Council chooses to act. The Shuttle was carrying instruments to the Space Station, regardless of the reported agenda, and returning with results not allowed to be transmitted lest they become intercepted by the public and the plot revealed. They are practicing, the results returned to Houston, and repeat practice scheduled via code between Houston and the Space Station.

Just what toxic substances would be involved with the Shuttle? Tiles? Foam? Metal? Human excrement? Were they experimenting with Small Pox up there? DDT? PCB? No explanation is given to the public on what toxins are probably, or what the public is to do in the event of exposure. Is the public directed to report to a detox center if accidentally exposed? No! This is because the excuse given is false. The manner in which the Shuttle was pulled apart, caused to disintegrate, was designed to spread the debris over the largest possible area, in order to discombobulate the elite in NASA and the White House and their international allies. The message to those listening, tell your public what is approaching, so that they can make their own personal plans just as you are doing. What else is government for? What else is defense for? What else, in the name of God, is Homeland Security for!

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