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ZetaTalk: Blockades
Note: written during the Feb 8, 2003 IRC Session

Many in the elite, which encompass the wealthy, the powerful, and those who have forced themselves into government, are concerned about controlling what they term the mob. They watch what is happening in Venezuela, in Argentina during the bank failures, and the anti-Iraq war protests in the US with horror. The mob is out of control, or about to be, in their opinion, and history has taught them that this occurs during times when the ruling elite cast a deaf ear to the concerns of the masses, or attempt to ignore the plight of their slaves. Democracy, the US being the banner country in this regard, is under threat. Those in the US who note the erosion of this institution comment about this in the press, on TV talk shows, and most especially among themselves. In other countries, where newly established democracies have enthralled the public, they are keen to keep this privilege alive. Thus, because of the intense love which mankind casts upon this practice, democracy, the erosion and virtual war against this institution is not taken lightly. The public is alarmed, and those who want mindless, but talented and energetic, drones as slaves, are concerned.

How to ensure that the elite, the inner circle of wealthy and powerful, continue during these times, in control? In smoke filled rooms, in those private after-meeting chats that the power-mad have with each other, these issues come up. They have determined that to retain power, worldwide, requires a few steps that absolutely must be taken, not missed. We will list them, as some of the illogical behavior of the power-mad becomes clear when these steps are considered.

This is not in regard to Iraq, but in regard to the most worrisome threat, the mob. The elite live in wealthy suburbs, estates, penthouses, and those they consider their slaves live in ghettos, poor neighborhoods, trailer parks, or in 3rd World countries in mud huts. In a pole shift scenario, where commerce between countries and overseas will be stopped, the issue is keeping the mob in their settings, and preventing them from attacking the elite in their enclaves. Thus, containment means keeping them there, until the bridges fall, the quake crumbled buildings fall upon them, and injury and infection take them out. The contrails were to poison them, young children, the most innocent, among them, until the US forces that would be required to enforce the contrail poisoning learned of this and balked. However, preventing escape from cities by bombing bridges, disrupting train schedules, and thus limiting the exodus of the poor and underprivileged from city ghettos is now planned. However, like most plans of the elite, subject to being countered!
This plan requires that those healthy and talented among the survivors, not the elite, be placed in a position to become enslaved. We have in the past warned against moving to locations offered by the government, or the wealthy elite, for jobs, work, requiring the family mainstay to move or relocate. A promise of a job, only upon relocation, or relocation of the bread-winner, is suspect. Why is it necessary to move in order to offer jobs to those devastated by the fast-bankrupting economy? A man, or woman, removed from family and friends, is likely to be pressed into forced labor because they have no choice. Who would they turn to, as an alternative? Quit, and move in with friends temporarily, instead? Thus, these offers should be viewed with suspicion, and declined.
This requires that the elite live in enclaves that are not only in a safe area, but are defensible. Often, the elite have moved into such areas, where fences and armed guards or security are present. But after the pole shift, when electronic monitoring will be down, and guards presumably distracted by their own family distress, these are not adequate. Thus, the elite have planned get-away estate locations, such as the estates we have mentioned in North Carolina. These are guarded by ex-military, ex-CIA, or mercenary types, already hired, whom the elite presume will be their servants throughout. Not thinking, of course, that these mercenaries will have other plans of their own when they see there is no reason to honor their current masters. The mercenaries, of course, will take over, and not be gentle about it.

Now, given these three pieces that must be in place for the elite, for the pole shift, what is likely to happen? Containment is already planned, in Indonesia, in Britain, in the US, in Australia, but requires a terrorism threat in order to get the military or police or civil units to cooperate. These units, in the main manned by the common man, with family and friends and loyalties not necessarily in line with those of the elite, are already suspicious. Given an order to blockade a city, prevent exit, and institute essential martial law, they would at first obey, but then problems would set in. A blockade only works when it is entirely enforced, and breaches create an exodus that counteracts the blockade, as now those contained are enraged. Thus, we predict that early use of this tactic will create awareness of the tactic, so that later requests for enforcement are poorly implemented and fail.

Enslavement has not as yet been implemented, as the economic situation has not become so dire that the elite are willing to admit to this, and make such offers. We predict that by the time the elite get their act together, they will be overtaken, timewise, by the approach of the inbound Planet X and not find any takers in any case. Quite the opposite, they will find that they have bunkers, guarded encampments or estates, without workers, and will in fact find themselves pressed into this service by the mercenaries they have hired. Defense, thus, will more quickly turn upon them, such that their defenders become slave masters, and not lenient in that regard. Thus, should this scenario play out at all, the public will see false terrorism, or riot control, exercises, blockading the public from exiting their essential ghettoes, the poor neighborhoods around the world. Reaction to this will most likely get some media attention, but the faces to watch are not those of the poor prevented from leaving. The faces to watch will be those of the elite, who will look worried outside of any personal threat to themselves. As we mentioned last week, this is entertainment!

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