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ZetaTalk: Cyber Security
Note: written during the Feb 8, 2003 IRC Session

Sudden interest from the White House on cyber security, on engaging the public in this, has an agenda. Why was this not the prime focus before? Have secure web sites not been hacked? The FBI was reportedly hacked, as an instance. Has terrorism not flourished, being able to communicate messages on when to schedule an attack, via the web? Bin Laden, prior to the 911 attack, was reported to have used this method, long reported to the public, but why the long delay before making this an imperative from the White House? We stated last week that entertainment was about to begin, with the public standing gap mouthed and scratching their heads watching the elite during these next weeks. The why of their actions can be assumed to be false, as stated.

Imagine for a moment an elite who presumed only a couple years ago that they could enlist the wealthy to pay for an escape to Mars, in fact offering them space trips, and jollied the public on how important it was to have a manned flight to Mars and explore the past of this now frozen planet. George Bush Sr. took to sky diving to show that even the old, among the elite, could have hope. Now, due to almost continuous accidents in Mars probes, this seems a dead issue. Many decades spent outfitting underground installations, such as Mt. Weather and similar enclaves in the Urals, resulted only in dashed plans as the elite became aware that they most likely had outfitted dark tombs, with themselves as the horrified occupants buried alive. The last hope, nuking Planet X into another trajectory, is the subject of frantic and highly emotional debates, with the accuracy of our predictions standing like a knife over the heads of those pressed to prove otherwise. They see themselves, in the cold night when they cannot distract themselves with barked orders to underlings, standing with the populace they have so disdained. Now what would that world be like, for the elite?

Lack of communications would be the big issue, as the elite in the US, Russia, Britain, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, presume a coordinated recovery. Should ZetaTalk be correct, and we seem to always be so, then their satellites will be torn from the skies. As we have advised the common man, short wave radio can be used as an internet replacement, and the ionosphere will quickly rebuild to be used as the bounce point, as today. Low frequency waves, ELF, have been in operation for some time, but the discombobulated core interferes with this, so the assumption is that this technique would not work for some time after the shift, those crucial years when the control of the elite would be, in their opinion, so important. Thus, they are stuck with our suggestion, using short wave! This in preference to carrier pigeon, horse back, or whatever.

Now, given the current state of the Internet, and the phone lines, which the elite listen to shamelessly, how safe would they be? All phone conversations, all email, supposedly secure traffic, is hacked and listened to, regardless of the legalities, and has been for years, by the elite. Now, without their satellites, their spy mechanisms, their banks of computers keeping close contact with all traffic, how secure would they be, and how to monitor those survivors who manage to survive, in high tech mode? They are looking for cooperation! Please, in addition to going on high alert due to unspecified terror threats, cooperate with our requests on cyber security! The presumption is that most high tech survivors will be drone middle class citizenry, worldwide, who will install yet to be announced software that will allow the elite to suppress snooping by the public, while at the same time allow the elite to monitor traffic on high tech survival sites. None of this will succeed, due to the rogue nature of UNIX advocates, long suspicious of Bill Gates and his MicroSoft software. Even the US public, per recent polls honestly reported, does not trust the White House. Beyond this problem, this scheme simply will not be allowed to proceed, even should some naive high tech survivors feel they should cooperate. As we said last week, this is entertainment time!

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