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ZetaTalk: Terror Alerts
Note: written during the Feb 8, 2003 IRC Session

US terror alerts, which routinely result in nothing of merit, are a distraction. Bush falls on his face with his Powell presentation to the UN, and his reaction is to try to turn the tide of public opinion to his side, by reminding them of 911. Does the public have access to the "chatter" his ops supposedly heard? This is all classified, so one must take the word of the White House, which even the US public has taken as suspect. And where is Bin Laden, the terror network supposedly eradicated? Alive and well, as we stated shortly after 911 and whenever rumors of Bin Laden's death are reported. In fact, Afghanistan is not under control, nor the Taliban eradicated, and this is indeed the home today of Bin Laden and his immediate staff! What is termed terrorism is reaction to incited violence, insults to the Muslim world, repression of Palestinians, and carefully orchestrated media reporting.

How much does the world hear about the Australian Aborigines, and their plight, and their personal means of dealing with the daily insults they receive? This is not headlined, the cases where a hated white man is led to his death, at the hands of nature, by Aborigines, as it serves no agenda, and the Aborigines hold no oil! How often are cases where the oppressed black man in Africa has vengeance upon the corporate greed that feeds upon that country? Corporate officers, or agents, are infected, deliberately, with AIDS or worse, but no mention in the media, and why? Because this would counter the press to conquer and control the assets, make those sent forth into this country reluctant, and because those having their vengeance control no oil! The crises with the Muslim world, from the Israel/Palestinian conflict down to plotting Iraq and Iran against each other during the Bush Sr. administration, are because of oil. Open the Alaskan oil fields, push into Nigeria, but the real pools of oil, already tapped and in operation, heading into the presumed pole shift moment, are in Muslim hands! Thus, when you see the terrorist issue presented as Christian/Muslim issues, or Iraq the monster with North Korea excused, look to this issue.

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