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ZetaTalk: Nuke-It Plan
Note: written during the Jan 18, 2003 IRC Session

The establishments in the countries and global enterprises that are aware of the potential for the coming shift are in a dither at the present time, as time seems to be running out with no good options. Decades ago, it was to burrow underground or to leave Earth, better known as a couple of the Alternatives that MJ12 came up with

Now, given this is the last ditch plan, will it work, and if not, why not? First and foremost in failure is the unexpected, which the establishment has failed to consider from the beginning. Even were the Council of Worlds to not interfere, this plan would fail. The sheer size of this planet would prevent it from being dissipated, and the bulk would still progress, undisturbed, as the path is toward the sun, and any explosion on the surface no more than a firecracker, not a displaced trajectory. This is an inhabited planet, which inhabitants used to enslave mankind on Earth and send them into the mines, and they had rocket power, missile power, and the ability to travel within the solar system long before man. In fact, mankind is not even where they were eons ago, and they have progressed in the intervening years, so mankind is even further behind, technology wise. Would these intelligent and technological hominoids allow a probe to approach, to explode in their atmosphere? And last, since the Council would not allow one 3rd Density planet to destroy another, the probes would simply meet with accidents before arriving.

Thus, the time when they - the establishments of Earth, the power structure in the US and Russia and Britain, and to the extent that the coming shift is known to other allies, and to the banking establishment worldwide - must adjust to a catastrophe is near! You will soon see panic, and mistakes in front of microphones, and wildly changing policy such that everyone stands gap-mouthed watching and wondering what has gotten into the power structure. Entertainment time!

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