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ZetaTalk: US/Russian
Note: written during the Dec 28, 2002 IRC Session

The US and Russia were not enemies when Reagan and Gorbachev met in the capital of Island Reykyavik, where at the press-conference Reagan said as a joke, ‘If aliens will come down on earth then the US and Soviet Union will join in a union to fight these aliens’. It was one of the long discussed issues between the Soviet Union and the US. They spent a few hours talking about it.
#zetatalk channel

It has long been rumored, due mostly to Reagan's tendency to have lose lips while dealing with early senility, that high level discussions about aliens, and Armageddon, occurred among heads of state. Reagan was rumored to be obsessed with Armageddon, the End Times, talking at length about this to visitors to the White House. Reagan was known to have made the statements, publicly and on film, that were the Earth to be invaded by aliens from outer space, that all countries would band together, put their differences aside. Were there such high level talks, in particular between Russia and the US during Reagan's time? Indeed there were, and they went beyond talk. Agreements were signed, locked away in the places the secret governments of both countries maintained in those days, not to be available to the public who was being misled utterly about the alien presence.

Like the rumors about Martial Law about to be imposed in the US, papers signed, FEMA put into control, and the ultra-right in the US trying to start this process early by the OKC bombing and the TWA800 missile attack. These rumors have a solid basis in truth, but what is not understood is how difficult it is for such secret agreements to become law, accepted by the populace. One day Russia and the US are enemies, on all fronts, and the next they are working as partners? Never mind what you were told yesterday, your emotions engaged, all manner of exaggeration given to enflame your emotions, today it is all different. This simply does not fly, and the public figure trying to work such a quick-change viewed with suspicion. Perhaps they have gone mad, been taking drugs, had a stroke, or otherwise lost it. They are discounted. In like manner, should the Bush Administration, by general agreement or forced to do so, decide that Martial Law should be imposed, the public would hardly just go along. The reluctance would be so disruptive, passive aggressive at the very least, that the nation would come to a standstill. This would not simply be the public, assumed to be pushed around by guns, but the gun holders, the military! Such quick-change, without explanation, ordered from above, does not succeed.

What was the agreement the Russians and the US signed, back in Reagan's day? As stated by the senile President Reagan to the public, all guns would be pointed outward, all information shared, with neither joining into an agreement with the aliens. It has been rumored that Russia has its version of MJ12 as well, and this is true. A secret government, aware of the alien presence, and ambitious for alien technology. Where the US had possession of alien ships, which they could not reverse engineer or control, the Russians were only allowed to participate on the good graces of the US military, who was very jealous of their possessions. What was clear to the Russians, however, was that the US was not succeeding in gaining any technology, and thus these talks fell by the wayside. The truth of the matter became apparent, that no technology would be made available to humans, and no invasion was pending.

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