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ZetaTalk: Warning
Note: written during the Dec 14, 2002 IRC Session

We have speculated that the Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden, would warn their citizens in the week or so before the shift. Sweden is a country that is isolated from others by water, and is limiting immigration today as it is considered a desirable social democracy in which to live. When rotation stops, there can hardly be any doubt of our warnings, so announcements will not be presumed to induce panic. Panic is already in place! Sweden is also in a good position for doing right by their citizens as they have high country as well as shorelines, and already do ocean fishing. A simple announcement, to avoid the shorelines and move upland, during the warm spring when this warning would be issued, would not be out of line. Nor would parsing out any supplies the country has, among the hungry, directly after the shift.

Thus, is it not just the warning, but where those warned can go, and what can be done to feed or care for them afterwards, that matters. A warning given to those who can scarcely survive is a warning that can only, in truth, prepare the warned for death. Where survival is possible, warnings are more likely to be given.

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