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ZetaTalk: Cheney Blasts
Note: written during the Dec 14, 2002 IRC Session

We have predicted that as the pole shift approaches, and earth changes begin to rattle the establishment, that they will be careless about their covers, and statements to the press will be more and more revealing of the truth. In times past, during the Cold War, Mt. Weather was constructed right off the highway from regular Washington DC traffic, and for years the public none the wiser. In those days, the cover-up was prime, but these days, safety is prime, and panic just under the surface. Mt. Weather was to protect from nuclear attack, the assumption that the roadways could be cleared to allow the elite their exit. The public, during the Cold War, was braced for nuclear attack, and saw the importance of nuclear deterrence, thus the importance of the command and control crew in a safe place. The public, then, would be expected to allow the escape of the Commander in Chief. What has changed?

The pole shift has no need for the Commander in Chief, especially since he knew of its approach and said nothing. The public, angry at being conned by this group, would be unsympathetic to the escape of the elite in the establishment, who had prepared for themselves but failed to inform the taxpayer. And what would one do with an angry mob outside the residence, the military themselves distracted or perhaps rebelling? The military command is expected to be onboard, but what of the soldier? Has his family been considered, warned, given a safe place to go? Most of the empty military grounds, rumored to be outfitted with prisons and shackles, are not for civilians, not for invading terrorists, but for the military that is likely to fail to fall under command, when they realize what has been done to the public and themselves, the public they were sworn to protect! The elite, the Bush crowd, the swaggering generals, fear rebellion, refusal to carry out orders, and rogue military.

What would a Cheney do in such a situation, in his residence, the mob at this door, and no defenders of the presumed Commander in Chief, who took the White House by coup to save their sorry skins and allow them to attempt a world domination at this confusing time. Would he emerge and face the crowd, face the music? Hardly. He's run through the tunnels to an escape route, and no excuses made anymore. The tunnels lead to several escape holes, in private homes, in various directions, and more the safer. Expect Cheney dressed as an old woman, with a cane, clicking down the street in nearby subdivisions, should he truly be trapped.

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