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ZetaTalk: Sudden Inoculations
Note: written during the Dec 7, 2002 IRC Session

Smallpox anxiety by the UK and US are related to the Bush war mongering, and their expectation of repercussions. Since illness is expected from inoculations, and death, these inoculations will be heavily debated and resisted. Thus, there is unlikely to BE mass inoculations, especially since horror stories of bad reactions will come forth.

Note: below added during the Dec 14, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session

Smallpox reared its ugly head just after the 911 time frame, in concert with the Anthrax scare. This was posed to be a threat from terrorists, but we explained at that time that Bush had in fact received very clear, though guarded, statements from Putin that he should pare back his ambitions to be a world dictator. The US has smallpox, the Russians, but not in the hands of terrorists. So why the constant association with terrorists, and now pointing the finger at Iraq? Russia in fact brought home their implicit threat to infect US personnel, deep within the Bush enclaves, with smallpox, by infecting one of their moles working in NASA. This happened months ago, was quickly identified, message delivered. The mole was dispensable, of course was very sick though survived, but no word of this infection on US soil was allowed to leak to the media. Lately the Brits as well as the US are all aflutter to inoculate their key personnel. What do they know that the general public does not? Have any weapons of mass destruction been found in Iraq? No. Has the Bush crowd and Blair been war mongering on Iraq's borders? Yes. Russia most definitely does not want the forces of Islam stirred up on its borders, which stretch out along its southern borders for thousands of miles.

Bush et al. are oblivious to their concerns, and are pushing ahead, intent on some excuse to invade and claim Iraq oil for Israel and themselves. Forget a rational reason, they will not excuse Iraq, even if nothing is found. As Iraq has been firing on overflights in the no-fly zone, for years, since the Gulf War ended, this now has become an excuse to invade! Not in the UN mandates, the resolutions, but Bush is mandating it from his omnipotent perch. King of the world, ruler of all, setting rules as he goes along that the world must abide by, he rules. The Russian reaction? To assume that their warning, sent into Houston's NASA chambers, was not heeded. The Bush reaction? To plan for infection, which of course he and his crowd assume they will escape. By inoculating the medical front line, they assume that any infection will not move beyond the hospitals. They are wrong, as the infection planned in retaliation for any Iraq maneuvers is not where the medical front line can catch it. The man on the street? He would go to the hospital, and all his associates quarantined. The military man? He would be quarantined with his cadre. The White House itself? Oops, too late to quarantine to protect Bush! Watch for this drama to catch the Bush crowd unawares, and unprotected! This is in place, to begin, if and when Bush is foolish enough to proceed with his world domination plans.

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