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ZetaTalk: Curious Contractors
Note: written during the Nov 30, 2002 IRC Session

As we mentioned during the Fort Bragg murder/suicide spate, the military are not pawns without emotions, and break when asked to do inhuman tasks. As we mentioned during the NASA leaks of the Face on Mars, probe images put on the web prior to be doctored, which Hoagland secured, proving the cover-up re Mars. NASA employees, smarting from being barked at by arrogant emissaries from the White House and treated like servants rather than professionals, were having a pay-back. There was a theft, as yet un-recovered, of some 400 laptops from a secure Pentagon war room, and surely this was not an outside job. Because those laptops were not recovered, rules went out about frequent and close inventory checks. Sensors installed, and the like, such that they could be located once used.

All this was to discourage employees, and up the track record on prosecution and recovery. However, those working on the Space Station, as other NASA projects, see the true intent of these efforts, not told to the public. Only the elite, and wealthy, are to be housed, and escape, even the NASA employees and their families left behind like trash. And beyond these plans, what horror unannounced to the public lies there, that such secrecy is needed. This contractor [Russell Edward Filler], unable to satisfy his curiosity, slipped away with a laptop, to better explore this in the seclusion of his home. Caught, or sensing this was eminent, he committed suicide, knowing the worse was awaiting him. Torture may be illegal in the US, in law enforcement, but the CIA has long fine tuned methods that leave no marks, yet are as unbearable in pain as broken bones and severed limbs. This is no secret among those likely to become victims, and thus the utter secrecy that prevails. He was caught, frankly, in a horror of what must be coming for he and his family, and the horror of being caught with the laptop.

Where we are accused of increasing suicide by talking about the impending danger, the opposite is the case. Those who know what is coming, and can mentally and emotionally prepare, are far less likely to take the easy way out that those who do not know, but suspect, a horror. Imagination is worse than facts, and that's a fact.

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