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ZetaTalk: Walk-In
Note: written during the Nov 9, 2002 IRC Session

The current US President is not a strong individual, as much as a puppet. A drunk in his younger years, with cocaine addiction running in the family, hard, this is not a likely family to be strong against the coming times. Chosen for his weakness, he will likely start to falter when times get tight and explanations are demanded of him. It will not so much be his failure to care for the populace he is sworn to serve that will bother him, as the failure of plans the elite have laid that will not pan out. Thus, he will turn to the bottle, and if restricted, will start to mentally falter. Given slips, and inability to go on stage, he will likely be assassinated by his handlers. However, failing this, a walk-in is likely, as a possession would be so obvious that assassination would become immediate.

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