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ZetaTalk: Backlash
Note: written for the Nov 3, 2002 IRC Session

Where ambition is tied up in argument, haranguing, and lack of automatic approval, those concerned with stopping Bush would sit back and allow the squabble to proceed. This is what would have occurred if the Democrats had taken the Senate firmly in the elections. The economy, civil rights, and concern for the health and well being of the citizens of the country would have prevailed, at least in argument, and thus thwarted the Bush Administration plans. Where those with raw ambitions, and dictatorial tendencies, such as the Bush Administration has exhibited, are given what they presume to be a mandate, those who are opposed to the outcome must take action, as without action the ambitions run amuck, driving the country into war, the world into chaos, and the citizenry into subservience under a dictatorship that has nothing to do with the well-being of the citizens. How then do those who consider that:

  1. a pole shift might not happen, and the Republican Party would have to live with the aftereffects of such an autocratic regime?

  2. a war might be instigated where the US Military would be required to fight in the Middle East endlessly, with no goal in sight except capture of oil producing countries for the Bush cartel?

  3. allies world wide, such as Russia, who hold the bomb, might be driven by the disruption in the Middle east to the extent that they would cease to become allies, driving the US into isolation and a defensive posture?

  4. the economic repercussions of isolation would reduce the US to an economic crawl, eliminating hope of recovery for decades, especially under the cloud of a Republican leadership that was akin to Hitler in its lack of foresight and treatment of the citizens of the world?

Place into the posture of those thus concerned the wealthy elite of the world, which includes the banking cartels, global corporations, and the US Military as well as the governing elite of other super powers in the world. How would they treat an arrogant strutting brat, full of himself in his assumption that what he terms a Bush Mandate has been given to him, and about to start a war which the world has warned should not be undertaken for simply the obvious ambitions of the war monger? They will eliminate him, promptly, and all about him who fail to take the message will likewise be eliminated from power. Thus, the rumors of a potential assassination, akin to the JFK assassinations which had little to do with the stated excuse, may become a reality.

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