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ZetaTalk: Bush Mandate
Note: written for the Nov 3, 2002 IRC Session

The mid-term elections in the US were sculpted to be pro or con Homeland Security and War on Terrorism. Anyone opposing the Bush Administration was soft on security and terrorists, regardless of their argument. Those who had experienced combat and the horrors of war, surviving maimed, were termed terrorist huggers if they did not rubber stamp the Bush Administration’s plans, drawn up by civilians and combat avoiders such as the current US President himself. Anyone questioning the treatment of US citizens, not granted rights in being detained endlessly in questionable quarters without being charged, was a terrorist hugger. Thus, civil rights out the window and the Constitution and Bill of Rights used as toilet paper. Given the horror of 911, the first attack on the continental US ever, and the drum-beat of accusations of anyone opposing the Bush Administration for any reason, the voters decided to give the President the benefit of the doubt and empower him. Now what?

Those who have discerned that the Bush Administration has an agenda, not spoken but hidden behind the bluster, are now seeing an administration that stole an election from Gore, the popularly elected President, and is so casual about civil rights that they are frankly breaking the law by their imprisonment of innocents, without charges, are horrified. Will war with Iraq not proceed, a virtual martial law in the US be imposed, even without the formality of pronouncing this? To put this into perspective, it should be stated that the President had the right to instigate war with Iraq before the elections, even without getting Congressional approval, if he could explain this in terms that include national defense. The President had the ability to imprison innocents without charges, despite international bluster and national complaints within the court system, as the memory of 911 was so recent that all who opposed this imprisonment were termed terrorist huggers. The President also had the ability to impose martial law, via FEMA, as man conspiratorialists have enunciated, the US Presidential directives having put this in place years ago, in anticipation of the pole shift end times. So, has anything changed?

At the time of the mid-term elections, the world stands united against the Bush Administration for its plans to attack Iraq on slight excuse. Terrorist attacks have not been traced to Iraq instigation, countries such as Korea have the bomb but are being excused, and Russia uses chemical weapons on its own citizens without umbrage. The world is united against the Bush Administration plans to start a war with Iraq, and even their ally Israel is having domestic problems with the hard liners. The US economy, despite an artificially maintained Stock Market index, is in the tank, with economic indicators steadily worsening. Earthquakes under-reporting is finally being noticed, with the quakes now creating devastation that cannot be ignored. The weather has reached the point of being beyond argument, with the common man wondering what will come next, at this rate. Those in the US Military who have experienced combat are horrified at the prospect of a casual war with no grounds except ambition, while the Bush Administration is attempting to supplant the military command with those clubby with Bush, civilians or those without combat experience at all. Given that the arrogant and ambitious Bush Administration can be expected to assume a Bush Mandate, what is likely to occur?

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