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ZetaTalk: DC Sniper
Note: written during the October 26, 2002 IRC Session

Those conspiratorists will have a field day with the DC sniper having a military background, as McVeigh of the OKC bombing did. The sniper in fact worked alone as an individual and was on a personal mission. His mission, however, will never be explained to the public, who will be told it was for the millions he was demanding. The Gulf War left the military stunned. It was patently clear to the enlisted man that their fellows were poisoned, deliberately, by their superiors. The inoculations made them ill, whether they went into combat in the Gulf or not, and the hospitals assigned to help veterans instructed to turn a cold shoulder and be brain dead about cause and effect. How does a soldier fight such a massive wrong, when those who are to be fought control the courts, the lawmaking, the execution of the laws, their careers, and their assignments? Taught that any but absolute obedience is treason, they fall still, but the internal rage burns the brighter for this suppression.

What was in the snipers demands, not published, and forever to be withheld from the public? The sniper demanded the truth about the Gulf War past, and the truth about the ambitions of the Gulf War in planning. Given the mind set of the current administration, however, who care not for the public or about the deaths of innocents, no amount of blood would wash these facts out before public view. Thus, he was doomed to failure, his rage causing an increasing number of slips, until caught.

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