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ZetaTalk: Moscow Theater
Note: written during the October 26, 2002 IRC Session

The Moscow hostage taking will not be the last, in this troubled world, where desperation will be on the increase. The elite will increasingly close their hearts and minds to any consideration of those they consider their cattle, and the cattle will increasingly react with unfettered rage. This is a forerunner of post pole shift reactions, where the elite will barricade themselves in their enclaves, and the mob attempt to be heard. Hostages, the deaths of innocents, is inevitable. Babies will be held up and shot before the supposed bastions of government, and these government enclaves simply shut the doors. They care not today about the starving or desperate, or the outcome of those whom they steal land and goods from. Thus, we would suggest you think less that this is unusual, and more brace yourself for this type of atrocity in the future. The coming times, more than ever, will be opportunities for heroism, self sacrifice, and courage, not sitting by and allowing matters to proceed uncorrected. Take a lesson from Wellstone, who died because he was just such a person, without regrets.

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