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ZetaTalk: Soyuz Rocket
Note: written during the October 19, 2002 IRC Session

We have mentioned that the US Space program, intent on getting man to Mars so the elite can ride out the pole shift there, has been sabotaged as a means of quarantine. It is not just the US program, and there are a number of reasons for this, which we will list:

  1. The giant hominoids from the 12th Planet, aka Planet X, are currently mining there in Phobos, and mankind is quarantined from them at present. This quarantine is to allow mankind to have a balanced environment during their 3rd Density decision making process, as the giants, more highly advanced in the past and larger, intimidated mankind and upset this balance. The quarantine also applies to the surface of Mars, where remnants of their lifestyle exist. To the extent that this looks like intelligent life, period, it is allowed to be in the consciousness of mankind. However, discovering details that prove the large and powerful size of these giants, would not be allowed, any more than peeking at the inbound planet with probes such as Contour.

  2. The elite on Earth, who are withholding news of the likelihood of a passage next Spring, are being deliberately thwarted in their escape to force them to stumble, and in their desperation at some point, blurt out the news. A clean get-away would allow a tight information outlet up to and through the end, but thwarted get-aways are very good means of discombobulating the arrogant. Thus, all of mankind, all members of the elite, are to be thwarted.

  3. The giant hominoids are not going to move to 4th Density, along with the Earth and its inhabitants, some 100 years hence after the pole shift. Coming aback at some future date, they will find collapsed cities, pollution washed lakes, and bones of man. They will also find a dim sun, and having observed the dimming from afar, assume that the Sun died out, as they do. Thus, their own progression toward spiritual maturity can proceed without jealousy.

The means of preventing interaction between these two cultures are many, but most notably include space programs that meet with endless mechanical problems. At times, the steps taken by the elite are allowed to occur, as this generates more frustration when they hit another snag. Fully frustrated efforts turn the elite to brutality elsewhere, allowing once again the tight control over news we seek to prevent. Allowing success, after a frustration, only incites them to try harder, and thus when the passage approaches and they are without a means of lifting off the Earth's surface, they despair. It is then we hope that mankind will hear of the approaching passage.

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