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ZetaTalk: Rabin
Note: written during the October 19, 2002 IRC Session

Lately, the Israeli have been noted for bloodthirsty treatment of their neighbors, the Palestinians. Coming out of WWII, they invoked pity in all, so great was their suffering, but in a half century, this has turned. The country is now being led by those who hunger only for the land of their neighbors, and seek every opportunity to settle on land not theirs, and incite those disenfranchised to throw rocks. In this climate, was former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin killed by an assassin, or was this arranged, la JFK, by those wanting to displace him? Rabin was no more killed by a single individual than JFK, nor will the truth be any more forthcoming than the JFK investigations, culminating in a single bullet theory. The current Foreign Minister Shimon Peres has himself been under investigation, as has Bush at Harken, and gotten away Scot-free. It is no surprise that the so-called leadership of these two countries, who to some degree stole their place in government by deceit and treachery, are friends.

It is not money interests that has created this alliance. The Jewish heritage is to be sharp, highly intelligent, marry among themselves to the brainy, not the brawny, and thus they earn their reputation well. However, it is the money that should be followed, when tracing the hand of international banking interests, not the sharing of a religion. Most bankers are not pleased with the tone set by Israel at all. The Bush Administration and the Israeli Administration think alike, and plot to take over and divide the world among them, Israel with all the oil and land it needs, spreading into Europe after the shift, and Bush with the North American continent to start. Those who killed Rabin were a group, not a single individual, just as those who put Bush in the White House are not even seen on TV or given Cabinet positions. Just as Hitler was controlled by those behind him, behind the scenes, so these two power mad and ruthless governors are controlled themselves, by groups more ruthless and power mad. Names would not be recognized, so will not be given.

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