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ZetaTalk: Microwave Towers
Note: written during the September 28, 2002 IRC Session

Uneasy about the many cover-ups they sense are in place, and the illogical behavior of major powers such as the US, the public sees conspiracy everywhere. The upshot of this unease is that the US public, at the least, suspects reasons behind the cover-ups and tries to make sense of them in this context. Should we list the cover-ups?

Alien Presence
UFOs are being sighted by pilots and masses of the populace at once, such as in Mexico City where these UFOs were caught on film by so many amateurs that it could not be denied. Denying the alien presence makes the most sense in the light of the rumor deliberately spread that the US made an alliance, to gain technology. However, in that the US has yet to emerge with this technology, this is dying out. What then is the reason? Increasingly the public, which has noted that no mass landing or assault by aliens has occurred, thinks perhaps the government does not want the public to learn something that would change their loyalties. Movies such as Signs, or ID4, where aliens capable of arriving wrapped in high tech are easily put down by humans willing to duke it out mano-a-alien, have added to this sense. Clearly, the government is not keeping an evil alien presence away, so ergo the presence must be good, as contactees report. Thus, point one against the elite governments, in this cover-up.
Earth Changes
Global Warming is floated as the cause of melting poles and rising seas and erratic weather, yet the key polluter in the world, the US, is uninterested in reducing emissions. Earth changes are putting companies into bankruptcy, employees out of work, and threatening the insurance industry with default. Nightly news reports that all countries are suffering, and increasingly the truth about starvation and ruin in other countries leaks out. The picture is grim, yet the elite governments chirp on as though the only issue were starting a war with Iraq, a nonsensical emergency in the eye of the common man. If earth changes, the melting poles and wild weather, are being ignored, then the government must know something, so the logic goes. This something, of course, is not being shared with the public, so, point two against the elite governments, in this cover-up.
JFK Assassination
Documented cover-ups such as the JFK assassination, where the ridiculous explanation of a single bullet floats out there today, the truth to remain under wraps for several decades yet to protect the guilty. Point three against the elite governments in this patently obvious cover-up.
Gulf War Sickness
It was clear that US soldiers were sent out unprotected to become sick, inoculated then becoming sick, and there is high alarm in the US Military because of this. The Gulf War sickness was first denied utterly by the US Military, but due to reporting on this matter and persistence in the horrified Veterans caretakers, the lack of concern by the US Military became obvious. The lack of caring stood out against the principles applied in all other wars or police actions, and thus when the suspicion, the correlation, to inoculations began to spread, a cover-up and unrevealed reason was suspected. What would be the reason that a government would casually send soldiers unprotected into areas suspected of germ warfare poisons, or handling radioactive materials? And why the rush to inoculate, the insistence that all soldiers have this treatment, when the sickness followed so closely those inoculated, whether they had exposure in Iraq or not? What reason would the US Military have for poisoning their own troops? What possible future lies ahead if they are concerned about being able to do this? Thus, assuming a horrific future in which not only the US Military troops, but portions of the populace, would be poisoned to please the elite in control of the US Government, conspiracy theories abound. Point four against the elite governments, in this cover-up.
Literally millions of the public in major cities, not only in the US but lately in Indonesia and Canada, have noted these clear criss-cross patterns followed by illness. Something of this magnitude, the illness alone, would normally hit the news, but the newscasters seem oblivious, despite being inundated by email and even being filmed with a backdrop of chemtrails behind them. Why the silence? The public suspects, linking this to the inoculation suspicions, that this is yet another means of poisoning the public to aid the elite in mob control at some future horrific event. Thus, point five against the elite governments in this cover-up.
Martial Law
Most evident in the US in the OKC bombing and TWA800 missile cause, are the attempts by the elite in government to create a scenario where martial law could be called forth. The public knows there was an additional leg, in military garb, found in the OKC wreckage, with the other body parts missing, and that almost 300 individuals in New York City interviewed by the FBI before they could talk to each other, saw a missile rise from the ground and hit TWA800. The governments answer? Ignore it. In a scenario where the world will be a good place in future, election or revolution held if elections are denied, the reason for calling martial law forth is missing. However, if a horrific future were around the corner, in line with the need for poisoning by inoculations and chemtrails, then mustering forth martial law now makes sense. Point six against the elite governments, who would have reason to desire martial law being imposed.

Now, with no more evidence that Microwave towers, EMF towers, in place here and there about the landscape, we have yet another conspiracy theory emerging. It has reached the point where the public leaps to the theory before they have a cause. Cell phones, using satellites and booster towers for phone conversations on the air waves, are increasing massively, due to their convenience. Does the public think that these cell phones, which are so sensitive to blockage from the towers that serve them that going under a bridge, behind a building, cuts out a conversation, do not need a strong infrastructure to support this deluge of conversations? In an attempt to service the public, and sell their networks, these towers have proliferated. That this is not a conspiracy theory deserving attention should be based on the rationale of whether crowd control could be done via microwave. Where it is true that babies have been murdered in microwaves, as human flesh can cook as well as potatoes, this is not an easy matter in the great outdoors. One would have to bombard the mob, with intense radiation, from all directions, for this to work. Now, if EMF towers were placed every half mile, around LA, and every half mile within LA, then perhaps the public would have cause for alarm.

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