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ZetaTalk: Iran/Iraq War
Note: written during the September 21, 2002 IRC Session

Brothers often fight, squabble, but join to be teammates when real threats are on the horizon. Iraq and Iran were at war, but then became brothers again, as in the current issue where the US is threatening to invade Iraq. The pole shift will change the dynamics of politics immensely. However, this is likely to be a limited aggression of one country against another, to the extent they have ground forces to muster, as starvation will be high. Iran will be freezing, no crops to harvest, and the populace dying. Iraq will be closer to the volcanoes and endless dust, coughing and confused. Thus, it will be the good-hearted among them that will meet and plot, offer helping hands, and extricate themselves from the matters, not the politicians and war mongers among them. In that they are, in essence, brothers, in culture, in genetics, in language, those who are good-hearted in these two strong countries will find it easy to work with each other.

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