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ZetaTalk: Bill Cooper
Note: written on Jul 15, 1995, prior to Bill Cooper's death in 2001.

Bill Cooper is legit. He is telling it as it is. In order to survive, and not be killed, he wraps himself in the persona of a paranoid mental case. These elements are mixed together in his writings and lectures, so like the spices laced into soup, they cannot be separated. Cooper found himself threatened early on, and was given warnings he could not dismiss. He still bears the scars, as do more US citizens than the public is aware of. Who so physically injured him? His government, the CIA, a group who is no longer empowered to act in this manner, we might hasten to add. No more torture, physical injury, or death. At least these are the new rules. Were people tortured to death in the past? Absolutely, but torture that leaves no marks, such as electric current to the point where systemic shock sets in, thus death. Those with weak hearts or weak points in their blood vessels would also succumb, but their loved ones, who discovered them dead, would learn nothing unusual from the autopsy results. Cause of death? Natural causes.

Bill Cooper is given information, frequently and repeatedly over time, from members of the Secret Government who want the word out. This has been the official position toward Bill Cooper for some time, and we foresee no change under the current arrangements. Why does he not drop the wacky stuff? He looks at his scars, and remembers. How could he not, when he sees them daily in his bath? He is a supremely courageous man, but he's not stupid. He's leaving his safeguards right where they are.

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