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ZetaTalk: Dissenters
Note: written during the August 17, 2002 IRC Session

It is apparent by mid-2002 that the US allies are not with Bush on Iraq, nor are there any Arab allies. Yet the Bush Administration presses on with its plans for a major distraction, designed to allow them to remove all civil rights in the US, win the fall elections and return the Senate to Republican hands, and prepare for the coming pole shift like kings who cannot be countered. Dissension has thus gone public, and this is apparent in other countries as well. Recently a report was made that a UFO dogfight occurred over a Russian base. Oh? This when the Awakening requires an Element of Doubt, and Service-to-Self/Service-to-Others Engagements are tightly controlled by the Council of Worlds? This is also utterly out of keeping with past reports of sightings, which never included a fight between UFOs. What is this all about? It is about blaming the aliens, once again, for human activities. UFOs reported around the WTC, so they must have been responsible, somehow. UFOs reported buzzing the White House, so they are against good-ol Bush and all. The Russians are experiencing dissension in their ranks too, and why would they not?

You have those in the know, who want to tell their public about the surmise on the coming inbound planet, and earth changes, and potential for a devastating 2003. And just as in the US, where the power mad are lusting after a kingship akin to the Dark Ages when no opposition could be mustered, there are those elements in Russia and Britain and Australia. Who was fighting, then, over that Russian base, and what was the fight about? Assassinations occur often, most often covered up as accidents, but when the heat is on, outright attempts to blow up the opposition, en mass, occur. Having broken out, the right attempting to eliminate what in essence is the left, in Russian, that portion of the political structure that is most concerned about the common man, a cover-up was needed, and UFOs were thrown in as the excuse. Have you seen the video? The film? No, and not likely, as the reporters are telling you what they were told to relay. Those wanting a different story told are now mum, and permanently so.

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