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ZetaTalk: Bin Laden
Note: written during the July 27, 2002 IRC Session

Bin Laden is still very much alive, and playing a cat and mouse game with the US Government. They wish to kill him, hunt him down, but have no clues as to his whereabouts. He is enjoying their distress at being unable to drag his dead body about, and declare victory. He is in hiding in a country we will not announce, as this would allow the US too much power in the PR game if they could capture him. Their inability to bring him to justice is a humiliation, and we like a large percentage of the world see the US arrogance and intent to dominate all the world, during this time and especially the coming time, as something to be countered. Thus, he is caring for his health, plotting his opportunities, and will emerge in due time with film that will leave no doubt that he is alive and well. To those who would say we should assist in his capture, for the sake of US citizens, let us say that we assist in preventing more terrorist problems in the US, for the same reasons given. Such attacks would be only used by the Bush Administration to justify taking away civil liberties, and rushing down the road to become a world dictatorship. Thus, as with the Enron and Worldcom and other revelations, we are assisting with humiliating and distracting the Bush Administration, and preventing success of their mission.

Note: below added during the Nov 30 , 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We months ago predicted, when the Bush Administration was suggesting to the world that Bin Laden was likely dead, or dealt a fatal blow, in the caves of Afghanistan, that Bin Laden was alive and would soon be heard from again, back to his old practices. The recent new videos of Bin Laden show the first part of our prediction true, and Kenya the second. Bin Laden's video made it clear that the Bush pressure against Iraq, would result in terrorism against American interests and allies abroad. Kenya and the missile were that, both aimed at Israel. The missile attack missed its mark simply because the aim was long range, and the skill required considerable. TWA800 was taken down by such a missile, but skilled US Military, employed by those who would start Martial Law in the US early, were at the hands. Will this change the Bush Administrations tenor on Iraq, the raw desire to gain control of Iraq oil and put Cheney in charge? Since the weapons search is unlikely to turn up anything incriminating, unless it is planted there, they must now change the rules. If Iraq has been firing on British and US planes in the no-fly zone all along, this now has become a breach worthy of war on Iraq. Did the Security Council say so? No, just Bush and Blair, trying to change the rules.

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