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ZetaTalk: UN Immunity
Note: written during the July 13, 2002 IRC Session

The US, taken by coup in the Presidential elections, is being steered like a rogue ship lately. First, as the chief planetary polluter, the supposed cause of Global Warming, they excuse themselves from the Kyoto Treaty. Reason? Corporate interests and profits would suffer! Then, in the week before 911, they walked out of the South African global meeting on racial issues, civil rights issues, with Israel. Reason? Israel is not to be questioned, and the US views themselves in a similar light. Then, they demand an exception from criminal liability, during a time when they are without doubt committing crimes against other countries and their citizens, the exception in the whole world. Reason? They are big players now, spreading their troops all over the globe, with economic treaties dependent upon their presence in various countries, and hold these many countries by the short hairs in this regard.

Where this appears to be a victory by the US, look deeper. They have utterly lost respect in Europe and Russia, become the laughing stock in fact. They are riding on past prestige, not creating this, and this is a commodity that is finite, not infinite. Spend your capital this way, and you end up with nothing. They have no allies in their planned distraction with Iraq, and would enrage Europe if starting a conflict so close to their homelands, while ignoring their counsel. The Stock Market is about to crash, already so soft it can barely get up in the mornings. US Corporations are held in disgust, worldwide, and the revelations just starting. So where will the US be, shortly? Watch its falling value, over the next few weeks and months, to see how far stock value can fall in a hurry!

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