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ZetaTalk: Planet X Passage
Note: written during the July 13, 2002 IRC Session

Observatories and their allies and obligations are not what it seems to the general public. Since the time of Roswell, when it became obvious to the US that the alien presence was real, and how easily the general public could become aware of this, new rules have been pressed. We have mentioned previously that Russia, though ostensibly an enemy, held at bay, a competitor in space, was an ally on holding the line of UFOs and the tracking of Planet X. This is done at the highest levels, where these space missions are funded and observatories funded. Observatories, as space exploration, requires the staff and astronauts to be under a National Security Oath, or similar commitment in other countries. What do you suppose that Reagan and Thatcher talked about, while visiting each other, or the Russians visiting, and the like. Do you think the tape recorders are rolling all the time, and that private conversations or secure phone lines do not exist? They all agreed that until they were able to:

  1. rebuff aliens from landing and doing at will what they would with the populace, and

  2. determine the path and passage of Planet X and what to do in the scenario depicted by ourselves, that they would not allow the general public to be aware.

No argument. No disagreement between these major countries that control the public's access to knowledge of outer space! What does this involve? US, Russia, Japan, Britain, and others who wish to ally and collaborate in science or space exploration. Get on board with the program or not, and if not, then you'll not be an ally or partner. So, Britain and the others have always known, had access, and the many technological adjustments to get a better look at the skies, at the inbound monster coming on as predicted by ourselves, which has never been a secret among the allies and partners. All public movement to the contrary, they already know.

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