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ZetaTalk: Smallpox
Note: written during the June 22, 2002 IRC Session

The public, worldwide, has been braced for an outbreak of smallpox since 911, when the Bush administration started mentioning it in every other sentence. Clearly, the public was not being told something this administration was aware of. As we stated at that time, the two holders of this virus are the US and Russia, and by this nervousness the Bush administration was telling the people of the world whom they feared. Barbecue later in Texas, with grins all around, it became apparent that Putin was smug, assured, and Bush trying to charm him. Announcements were made that the Star Wars efforts were going forward, in spite of Russian objections. Announcements were later made that the US and Russia were going to reduce nuclear arsenals, friends apparently. So what is the truth behind this, and why the sudden outbreak of a long dead virus in Pakistan?

The Bush administration, as we have stated, had a hand in invoking 911 on America, with their arrogant stance contrary to wishes of their European allies and Russia. This continues. They are pushing Star Wars, which has many agendas not the least of which is a hope to shoot the 12th Planet out of the skies, when it passes and before a shift can occur. They have no plans that are logical or feasible at present, but they wanted to get the infrastructure up and in place anyway. Most likely, the Star Wars platforms would be a staging place for nuclear material send out to meet the passing planet, attracted to its gravity. None of this will succeed, but these are their plans. Another agenda is to dominate the world, discombobulated by the approaching passage, with lasers in space. Putin appeared to accept the push forward of Star Wars with grace and a shrug, but not so. Smallpox outbreaks would of course be blamed on terrorists, which is advantageous to the Bush administration which uses such talk to strip Americans of their rights, endlessly and continuously.

Smallpox infection within the US has already occurred. A mole in NASA, based in Houston, was infected and allowed to create infection within NASA there. This was, of course, not publicly announced, but the constant news and fretting about vaccinations gives a clue to something going on behind the scenes. This mole was working for the Russians, and was infected unawares, carrying this forward most likely to his own death, but in these games pawns are dispensable. This outbreak was quickly isolated, but the warning not taken by the Bush administration, whose ambitions and arrogance have no bounds. Thus, a second step was enacted, infecting a part of the world a worry to both the US and Russia. Like AIDS, which spreads in Third World countries without stops, this is expected to reduce population while being isolated, thus not a large worry. More such outbreaks may occur, so the horror of this long quieted disease can be recalled, and the message brought home strongly to the Bush administration. Should these warnings not succeed, expect infections within the US, not among the populace but among the elite and powerful in Washington DC.

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