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ZetaTalk: Bush Knew
Note: written during the May 25, 2002 IRC Session

The Bush Administration was being warned, well outside of the published FBI reports and previous knowledge about planned terrorist activities. As we stated after the Attack on America, they were being warned by their allies in the UK and Europe that the arrogance they were showing, the disregard for other nations' fortunes, would not be tolerated. This is not so much a threat put into writing, as private chat and innuendoes. Thus, they were hardly going to warn the public, as they were too focused on acting normal. The very lack of warning, the decision to say nothing, indicates they were working under a cover-up of the true agendas in operation. As we stated when the entire state of Arizona, in 1997, viewed a mothership in the skies. It was not the sighting that was impressive, and proof of a cover-up, it was the delay in reporting! A 3 month delay occurred before several major media outlets reported it. Why the coordinated delay? This stood as proof of a cover-up, and the cover-up stood as proof of the alien presence. In like manner, the evidence pointing to the fact that Bush knew shows not that they were simply incompetent, but were so focused on hiding the threats they were receiving, determined to tough it out and not let the public know why allies would be upset with them, that they covered up too closely!

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