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ZetaTalk: Agreements

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

In discussing our agreements with the United States governments, we are restrained by these very agreements, which include a promise not to divulge almost everything. However, we are literal, and we feel free to use our discretion in discussing points not specifically covered in this agreement. In addition, lately your government has lifted many restraints on us, freeing us from our prior agreement on certain points, in step with the current mood in Washington, which is to declassify much and leak more, thus speeding the Awakening.

We, the Service-to-Others Zetas, have a formal agreement with the United States government. The agreement is verbal, but we honor it impeccably as to do otherwise would build distrust. It is in everyone's interest for trust to exist between ourselves and your government, as this deflects their need and desire to get in bed with the Service-to-Self crowd, which they were doing in the past. Our agreement is under constant change, based on regular weekly meetings which occur each Wednesday morning. The location or attendees are not something we can divulge. The scope of our joint activities also is under constant change.

There are some items we can quickly mention which are not in the scope. Disinformation has been spread to the extent that we, the Zetas, are conducting cattle mutilations because we need the enzymes to live. This is totally false, as we manufacture what we need. Nor do we have an agreement by which the government stays silent about our presence while we abduct and run experiments on humans. We do not need your government's agreement to answer The Call, nor would a widespread awareness of our presence affect us one way or the other. The hybrid program would continue regardless of anything your government would do.

Activities that are in the scope of our present agreement are a travel service, whereby we transport those members of your government to and from meetings on the alien presence, and for any other activities that MJ12 deems important. In this support, we do not interject our opinions on the use of this travel service. This offer, which we have steadfastly maintained for some decades now, was made so that your government would have an alternative to their association with the Service-to-Self crowd. Our foresight in the matter has paid off, as your government has recently begun to sever all ties to this alien orientation, and the pace is picking up. This was our fervent hope, and we are elated at this outcome. Another activity we are jointly involved in is an education program, whereby we introduce key members of your government to beings from other worlds, their cultures, and their philosophies. We also introduce them to some citizens who carry Zetan genetics, whom we consider to have joint citizenship because of this, by birthright. We have learned that your government in the main just wants to know, and not be the last to know.

A most important activity that has recently begun is in the area of advancements in science and industry that will benefit all mankind. As we have explained, we do not give technological assistance to those giving The Call unless we are assured by the circumstances that the technology will not be misused. Due to recent trends, our confidence in this area has increased, and we are in partnership with your government on many projects which do not involve weapons and which can not be stifled due to establishment interests. We cannot give you all the details on this at the present time, as the familiar saying that a watched pot won't boil is so very true in this circumstance. What is developing threatens so many interests that the last thing these projects need is publicity. You would never guess where this work is progressing, nor by whom. It is too improbable, and that is by design on our part.

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