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ZetaTalk: Medical Implants
Note: written on May 15, 2002

Imagine a government such as the Bush Administration, pondering the coming pole shift. They are not certain it will happen as we have defined, but note our other predictions have played out and are wary enough to be stockpiling food stuffs and beefing up the military to use as their personal defense force, or so they hope. They are wary enough to be pretending, publicly, that chemtrails do not exist. What might be their plans re the populace at large? Playing God, as they do in their smoke filled rooms, they divide the populace into desirable and undesirables. Those considered desirable are uniformly white, educated, passive in nature, and likely to be dependent upon others and desperate to cooperate. Those considered undesirable are people of color, those whose culture has taught them rebellion, or those prone to disease. In that most undesirables can be sorted out by color, social security number and past work record, or police record, they are not a concern. They will simply be excluded from any government sponsored survivor camp. But what about disease? Medical records are privileged, and few doctors are likely to change this practice over the next year.

Thus, human implants are not to locate those to be saved, but to identify those to be excluded, for medical reasons. Those rushing to be implanted are those who need to be quickly identified in a medical emergency. Ergo, they have a disease, genetic, or needing medication, or some such problem.

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