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ZetaTalk: Insiders
Note: written on May 15, 2002

Conspiracy theorists have noted that during the World Trade Center attacks, explosions occurred almost immediately in floors below the strike area, or in the case of the Pentagon, above. The theory is floated that these plane strikes were assisted by insiders, wanting to create the climate that the Bush Administration has been all too happy to take advantage of - civil rights limited, the military beefed-up, and no questions asked as it's all National Security.

Thus, where those wanting to incite Martial Law in the United States with Oklahoma City and TWA800 and Waco incidents did not succeed, they were handed an unexpected opportunity in the 911 events. In that these New World Order types seem delighted to take advantage of these opportunities, the public is rightfully suspicious, but 911 was not their plan in any manner or degree. Martial Law requires a number of steps outside of what has occurred. The reaction of the United States public to the restrictions that have been attempted have convinced the architects that full blown Martial Law would be a mistake. They will rather use the excuse of Homeland Security to the max, and watch the line so they do not cross it and reveal their true wishes. The constant warning of terrorist acts about to happen are to keep this sense alive, even though most of these warnings are without basis.

Note: below added during the Jul 13, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The rumor that the Mossad are behind Palestinian terrorist attacks is like the many rumors that spread about the US 911. Where there is some truth to it, 95% of the actions are otherwise. In the main, these attacks are a shock, not wanted. They would like to control these attacks, but cannot. The occasional true rumor gets thus blown out of proportion. We are saying that those in the US wishing Martial Law caused Oklahoma City and TWA800 and the like, and lost. They did not cause 911, but take advantage of it. In like manner, Mossad is dealing in terror tactics.

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