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ZetaTalk: Moon Landing
Note: written on May 15, 2002

A hot topic on the Internet and among conspiracy buffs is whether man ever indeed landed on the Moon, or all the evidence provided to mankind is faked. As evidence of a fake is apparent wind blowing a flag, dust raised by landing feet blowing about as though air were present to move it, shadows inappropriate for the Moon, and other evidence of atmosphere or staging. Did man go to the Moon? Absolutely. Were dramatizations done in film theaters? Absolutely. both occurred, and here's why.

As is often reported, the early Moon landings involved startled astronauts making statements on live feed about "we were not the first" and the like. Likewise, live video feed showed trash on the Moon giving evidence that activity had occurred in the past, and perhaps the recent past. Evidence of awareness of the alien presence, or other information not given to the general public, can often be discerned from what is not said as much as what is said. Why the 3 month delay in reporting, by different media organizations, if approval to report was not a part of the process? Likewise, the astronauts were on a need-to-know basis, as they were expected to be mobbed if they succeeded and went on the lecture tour, often interviewed and the like, and slips were to be avoided by telling them as little as possible. Thus, they were genuinely startled by what they found on the Moon, and their handlers in Houston were unaware of the degree of evidence they would in fact find on the Moon. Oops! What to do? Lets just film some new footage, and release that, instead.

NASA was aware that there were alien enclaves on the dark side of the Moon, but unaware of the trash on the visible side. During early genetic engineering projects, the engineers often used the Moon as a lab, fearing and wishing to avoid the large carnivores on Earth. During these genetic engineering episodes, they would scarcely be hiding on the dark side of the Moon! Why hide? The aliens talking to NASA going into the Apollo missions were Service-to-Self, part of Alternative 2, to set up camps off Earth as a survival means during the coming pole shift. They were on the dark side as Service-to-Self aliens do not do density shifting well, ala the movie The Fly, and their masters do not allow their minions to shift during missions, for this reason. Thus, they are in 3rd Density, highly visible from Earth should they not be on the dark side of the Moon. NASA expected this, but discussion on past genetic engineering projects, which were not done by the Service-to-Self, never came up!

The astronauts were read the riot act when they returned, having blabbered their first impressions on the Moon. It has been obvious to those looking at the pattern that prior to this live feeds were the norm, and after delayed and only partial release of video and audio was allowed. When a heavy job of intimidation is done, with death threats and worse than death threats, it takes a lot to release this. Beat a dog each hour, viciously, for months, and then try to tell it that was all in the past. The dog has lost trust, cowers, growls, avoids, and will likely never trust humans again most certainly if not in the same company. NASA has not changed hands, is still the same agency, infiltrated by CIA, and thus the astronauts, as their beaten dogs, are loath to trust.

Note: Below added during Nov 16, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

NASA of late has been dealing with its many failures, its inability to get a space station operational in time to stage escape to Mars, and the months upon months of delays getting any shuttles up at all. Wanting to be a player, perhaps be viewed as important by the elite with money and bunkers and guns, they hope to be influential in the public eye. They have for years denied the public direct Hubble images, been caught endlessly air brushing out UFO's, and are suspected all around the world of a conspiracy regarding the Moon landing itself. Well of course they went to the Moon, and landed, but they also filmed footage on Earth to fill in, as they could not trust their own men to avoid blurting out the truth. Now, covered with the lint of decades of lies and deception, and the increasing pool of specific information on just when and how they have lied, they come forth declaring themselves clean. Why did they announced new information regarding the Moon Landing, and then withdraw? There was a final rehearsal, and all the many glitches that would only inflame the conspiracy theorists were discovered. This pig is too dirty to ever clean up, and the less they say, the better, was the decision.

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