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ZetaTalk: UN Role
Note: written during the Apr 13, 2002 IRC Session

A prior plan to use the United Nations to facilitate survival of the elite in the US and elsewhere has failed. This plan, much the talk of conspiracy buffs, involved placing parklands in the US into United Nations hands, and staffing these with soldiers foreign to the US. The logic was that these soldiers would not hesitate to use guns upon US citizens, or even US soldiers gone rogue. However, they proved difficult to manage, with many agendas and differing cultures dictating responses, so those who would be their masters became discouraged.

Note: below added during the Dec 21, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The United Nations today depends upon many factors in order to exist. It is funded by many nations, communications and travel arrangements allow all from around the world to participate, and all this is over and above the desire to have a United Nations force. Now comes the shift, wherein all travel such as air travel, rail travel, travel overland over bridges and roads, will stop. Fuels such as oil and gas will burn and not be pumped or refined, nuclear fuels will be shattered, the equipment not working, and man back to foot and horseback. Phone lines not working, short wave only intermittently between Service-to-Others groups supported, and all people worried about starvation and illness in the extreme. In such a setting, the last thing survivors are going to be worried about is whether folks from around the world are having conferences.

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