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ZetaTalk: Ultra-Right Unease
Note: written during the Feb 23, 2002 IRC Session

September 11, 2001 was both a blessing and a curse for the Bush Administration, owned by the elite as anyone following the rulings in favor of corporations and friends of Bush can see. During earlier days, the OKC bombing and Waco affair and shooting down of TWA800 were attempts to trigger Martial Law. This did not happen due to fast action on the part of many in government and the free-lance media who were alerted to the intent, and took steps to counter the planned result. Nevertheless, ultra right Republicans emerged from closed door meetings shortly after OKC, revealing their plan - it was Arab terrorists! Thus, the plan to initiate Martial Law early was thwarted, and went underground into back room grumbling. When September 11, 2001 hit, the Bush Administration and their allies in corporate America were stunned. They had no warning, and a fully loaded plane went into the Pentagon with no resistance whatsoever.

Where the public is told that the fourth plane turned toward Washington DC went down due to a scuffle with passengers determined to prevent the plane's misuse, in fact it was shot down by the military. This and the silly reasons given forth for the plane leaving NYC and crashing into a neighborhood, that the tail took tail winds, are scarcely believed by the uneasy public. Clearly, the safety of the skies is not secure, and bombs can be planted in tails, taking planes down, in NYC, the site of intense security now. Seeing the President by Coup looking frightened and discombobulated during his single TV appearance during the WTC strike, the public sensed something up about the PR campaign to present Bush Jr. as tough. The polls published, showing him popular to high degrees, are utterly false, and who is to know the better. Where the terrorists plan many additional assaults, they are unlikely to have the clout until they have recovered for several months. Bin Laden is indeed alive, and recouping his network, which is hardly devastated. One can note that key men have disappeared from Afghanistan, nowhere to be found, and will emerge later.

The American public is told the economy is about to turn, the Stock Market safe, and the skies safe as well. All of this has a false ring to it, and increasingly the public is speaking privately to friends and confidants that they feel they are being lied to. Enron was not by accident exposed to the world as the cesspool of deceit it was. We, and human allies, made sure the information about accounting irregularities got into the right hands. The New MJ12 at work. Likewise, the facts about the Bunker Government, as the Secret Government plans in operation since September 11, 2001 are called. Part of the Administration is absent, underground, while the other part is operating in Washington DC. And where are the balancing parts of the federal government, so much touted when discussion about the Constitution are before students and the public? Courts and Congress do not count, are not to be saved or salvaged, and this says more about the mindset of the Bush Administration than any Enron or frightened face of a cowardly President could say. They are outside the law, as they have been since they stole the election by shouting, and enforcing, a stop the counting rule, enforced by a Supreme Court never before interfering in elections in this manner. Thus, our prediction that the Bush Presidency would become increasingly irrelevant will be expedited.

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