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ZetaTalk: Harrington
Note: written on Jan 15, 2002

A favored method of assassination by the CIA is by disease. They prefer this over what might be termed a heart attack or stroke as it is less suspicious. The added advantage is that those in the know, who are aware of the subject's propensities and intent, are allowed to see suffering. Robert Harrington's activities prior to his death were not altogether accurately reported, as he was indeed planning to sight and alert mankind to the approach of Planet X. Seeing his suffering and what was an obvious, to them, assassination infection, his cohorts sang whatever tune the CIA wanted. These infections can be seen in some CSETI individuals, in recent years, who were implanted with cancer also, and the brain tumor a Clinton campaign manager suffered from. The horror is pointed to by those who would silence others. The rumored infection of Art Bell's son by AIDS no exception. Thus, those who claim that the truth has no enemies, and this suppression could not be occurring, are free to make these statements, as modern science supposedly does not know how to infect with these elements. Yet cancer metastasizes and grows in places not its original host. Why is this means then so strange? What lab has proved this not possible? It is, and is a regular bullet in the CIA's arsenal.

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