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ZetaTalk: Plan to Survive
Note: written on Dec 15, 2001

The establishment would like to address the possibility of a pole shift in the following ways:

  1. Keep panic down until the last minutes, in case cataclysms actually do not occur, so the rich and powerful can continue in place.

  2. Prepare for the worst, among the elite, storing up goods and creating secure enclaves, while denying the general public this information. The less competition for safe places and goods to be stored, the better.

  3. Shoot the bastards causing problems down, as in aiming guns at a rioting populace, aiming a tank at an enemy, or aiming an anti-missile missile at an inbound weapon.

  4. Escape, leaving the public stunned and vulnerable, to Mars, or underground, or the Moon, or wherever might be a getaway.

All this is a Service-to-Self package, and the folks trumpeting Star Wars are part of this package. They know of the possibility of a passage and pole shift, but are warning only their rich and powerful friends. They are hoarding, while putting into place punishments for the general public who might do likewise. They are trying to figure out how to shoot the bastard down, by sending nuclear material forth in their probes and planning a laser defense in space that is scarcely operational. They are trying to get to Mars, to ride out the shift in safety, returning as kings when the worst is over. Therefore, Star Wars, as a part of the solution promulgated by this crowd, is not a Service-to-Others effort, meant to save earth. Any effort with this press would inform the public, distribute good to those most vulnerable, and spend the moneys in the treasuries to create havens for the general populace. Is any of this being done? Place this measure against what you see the establishment doing, before you call forth their orientation.

Star Wars and Mars are known to the public, as an obvious establishment escape, because this is an effort that cannot be hidden from the public. The many steps the establishment is taking outside the public view have been ongoing for decades, and are under intense discussion daily in the halls of power and the back rooms where the elite rule the world, in point of fact. If the odds of failure are so great, then why bother with Mars or Star Wars? These of course are not the only options the elite are entertaining, just options that the public cannot fail to notice. Thus, the public is given some excuse, and included. The options most pressed by the elite are moving inland and to high ground, creating serf or slave cultures around them by some sort of bondage secured ahead of the shift, which we warn about repeatedly, and putting up stores. Prior to the full meaning of a catastrophic shift being known, a favored resort was to go underground, locking the doors against the staring public. This fell out of favor when it was realized that these bunkers could become tombs, buried alive, etc.

Escape to Mars will not be allowed even should their technology support this. No escape will be allowed, due to a ruling of the Council of Worlds. Thus, you will see some interesting twists in the establishment going into the shift, when they realize they are trapped. There is much talk about how we must learn about Mars while the majority of humanity on Earth is starving. How it is that Mars is so vital? Certainly not to the general public, who are being led about. The likelihood of an escape to Mars is so far from being likely that it is absurd. There is no atmosphere, water frozen underground, and the Space Station which would be a launching port not established. Add to this the problems that will soon be encountered with satellites, and high winds in the atmosphere. The mission is doomed, but to reassure any among those to be left behind, we are stating that even should they succeed, they would not be allowed to do so.

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