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ZetaTalk: Inoculations
Note: written on Dec 15, 2001

There are some elements of the US government who long for this means of eliminating unwanted human baggage. There are also many countries, industrialized as well as Third World, who are closely watching this play out, as they also would like to use such a solution. However, the complications today outweigh the rewards:

  1. Unless announced to a broad segment of society, the inoculations might afflict the families and loved ones of the elite, or the elite themselves. Being able to steer the public to certain inoculation batches is difficult.
  2. The virus in the inoculations intended to infect and disable the unwanted segment of the public can escape, be passed from person to person, and like AIDS and Ebola, get out of hand.
  3. At present, mass illness would overwhelm the public health system, and take too many workers out of the work force, causing discomfort to the elite who rely on the wheels of commerce going on as before for their wealth and comfort.

Thus, those contemplating this get too many arguments thrown at them every time they suggest it, and the matter gets endlessly deferred to the future. By the time that the pole shift is upon these elite power mongers, there will not be time to muster such an operation. Thus, it is unlikely to occur, except in isolated settings where the elite are fearful of panic and demands, and nothing more is to be gained from the public to be poisoned by inoculations. At this time, in 2001, inoculations should be considered safe. Gulf War syndrome was a deliberate test, the poisons and germs not present in the general inoculations given to the public. Thus, follow the advice of doctors, and your own common sense. They are as safe as they were last year, or a decade ago, etc. The key to look for is a great press by the government or administering body to take the inoculations, and the setting where the public has grown restless and demanding, with the pole shift just around the corner.

Note: below written during the July 27, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The US Military is feared, by their leaders, as they could go rogue, in pieces, and thus much discussion has occurred about how to restrain them. This is not unlike the discussions in the halls of power in all countries, re keeping the military as well as the common man in control. Most countries feed them well, pay them off, offer them spoils, to keep the military in line. In other countries, they are offered a piece of the action, of power, and sit at the side of the leadership. The US during the Gulf War, under the direction of another Bush not to be trusted, poisoned their military personnel flagrantly. This was a test like the chemtrails, to see what germs might sicken, and weaken. This did not go well, and has instead infected the US Military with suspicion, so that there is resistance even in the public to taking inoculations.

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