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ZetaTalk: Anthrax
Note: written on Nov 15, 2001

Following closely on the September 11 Attack on America an insidious Anthrax attack began to surface, with first one target and then another surfacing so the exact goal and scope of the attack was unknown, and this was by design. As with the practice of voodoo, the victim’s psychological state actually allows them to become a victim, to die on schedule, where they otherwise would not be adversely affected. They believe they are cursed, so create their own demise due to panic and heart stoppage. This is the goal those undertaking the Anthrax attack hope for, such that the healthy commerce of the hated enemy, the US, is stymied and falters due to fear.

Where is this leading, and who has designed and implemented such an insidious attack? As we mentioned when the Attack on America occurred on September 11, the instigators are not always obvious, nor will they always be brought to justice. If such an Anthrax attack were possible before, why was it not used? If those who have sworn a Jihad against the US had done so years ago, then why the delay between then and now? Would Anthrax alone not have brought some satisfaction, even before the hijacking of planes to be used as bombs was arranged? And why the constant talk of Smallpox, if only a handful of germs in a couple highly guarded facilities exist? What is the public not being told, that those in authority in the US know?

In the private meetings that high level officials and the elite with power or wealth, who influence these officials to a degree only suspected by the populace, heated arguments preceded the Attack on America. In a shrinking economic world, where not only a worldwide recession but an economic depression is in process, where stock markets are so shaky that panic is just under the surface, where riots in the populace of all countries are expected to emerge as food shortages and the pinch of job loss and economic ruin are to strike like a hammer on the underprivileged until their calm shatters and they begin to act out their despair - there is bargaining among the elite and powerful. What steps are to be taken, and who is to become the leader? Among the winners and losers, who will get ground under the other’s feet, and who will be on top of the pile?

Prior to September 11, the US was isolationist and arrogant, breaking treaties and increasing its arms. It was poised to take what it needed from a faltering world, and to hell with any other needy country. In the month following September 11, the US became almost humble, trotting the globe to make friends recently snubbed, and making concessions. Once again, the hand mailing Anthrax may be those who do not fear to die, in a Jihad against the hated US, but those supplying them are a complex of countries who formerly called the US a friend, but had been stunned to find treaties such as the treasured arms reduction treaty treated like toilet paper in a plan to make the US the biggest gun on the globe. The US and the former Soviet Union are the only two countries holding Smallpox reserves. Then who is it the US fears in a potential Smallpox spread - itself? The leaders of the US are telling you who they think is involved in the Anthrax assault.

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