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ZetaTalk: Attack on America
Note: written on Sep 15, 2001

Yes and no, this is what it seems on the surface - an attack by Bin Laden on the corrupt capitalist country that has led so many attacks on Muslim countries. But this attack would not have occurred unless infighting among the financial giants of the world, the major banks, had not occurred. Infighting was the instigator, and the primary culprit, but this culprit will not be the scapegoat. In the infamous attack on America on September 11, 2001, several unlikely bedfellows crawled into bed with each other, each for their own ends. Thus, where on the surface it seems a repeat of the Bin Laden attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, failed in the past and tried before the world in the courts, this was only using as the bullet a Muslim group that would be immediately suspect and placate most inquiring minds. The gun was held, however, by a rival bank of JP Morgan, who was devastated in the attack.

The Stock Markets and worth of so much paper the banks and wealthy rely upon for their status and control are being artificially maintained at this time, the longer to keep these elite on their high perch. We mentioned in November, 1999 that cooperation between the world's banking giants and governments was in place, toward this end. One means of this artificial support is to put forth losers, so that the general public might win and thus maintain their confidence to continue to play the game that the Stock Markets represent. Key players are to enter the field and take a loss, aborting panic, as this is considered a lesser problem than a full scale panic. Where this plan met with general approval, now that tight times and a worldwide recession has become a reality, there is argument among the players. You go first, no you go first, and these arguments have gotten heated. Many felt the time would never come, so agreement was only in principal, not from the heart. Thus those in the financial field with greater clout, threatened to force lesser participants to be the loser, and dark thoughts crossed many minds.

During the day of the attack, there were three things that stood out from the horror and stunned confusion that goes with any unexpected catastrophe.

  1. The first was the absence of the President from a role of confrontation and comfort. He was hiding, on the run, not seen as in command, and took hours to even muster a presence other than a statement or two repeating the obvious. It was clear to all that the Vice President, remaining in the White House, was running things. The lack of leadership was so apparent that this was mentioned repeatedly by the newscasters.

  2. The second was the repeated mention that such a well planned and executed attack had to have more than the usual terrorist support, had to be supported by or in countries unnamed. Muslim pilots were trained in major aircraft operations, undoubtedly in training simulation settings. Were they referring to Afghanistan, primitive and suffering from drought so severe the people are starving? They were referring to a sophisticated country, with the infrastructure capable of training Muslim pilots on the flight deck of these major commercial aircraft.

  3. The third was that the CIA had been clueless, a trend of late but so complete a blackout had occurred that it seemed beyond belief. Had this occurred in prior terrorist attacks? The terrorists were familiar enough with US airport security and the routines and roles of the staff to be able to successfully commandeer four planes, delivering the payload of three of them into the New York skyline and the Pentagon itself. Not only was the CIA in the dark, it seems the intel went in the other direction!

The heads of the US government were too frightened, the attack too well planned and executed, for this to be just a terrorist attack. And JP Morgan affiliates resided on several floors of the World Trade Center and were a casualty of the sudden devastation - executives, records, and confidence of the market and public in dealing with them going out in a flash. The target was the banking systems holding the US and their elite and wealthy above those in Europe, in the arrogant manner Bush and his masters have employed of late. To understand the main target, and the support relationships causing a relative collapse among the wealthy and holdings of the US elite versus others, one needs to know the complex and mostly secret relationships between bonding banks, new issue of stock, loans between banks and governments, agreements with the Fed, and who holds what holdings privately or publicly! JP Morgan was the target, as a bank. The stock they were supporting, via their subsidiaries or associates, will suffer.

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