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ZetaTalk: Suicide
Note: written on Jan 15, 2001

After the Supreme Court maneuver, when Bush was destined to become President, we warned that there would be a Social Security scam, swinging money to Wall Street to bolster Wall Street so it would not crash as soon as it surely will, and to watch for the new administration to be heavily loyal to industrial interests and special interests of the wealthy, and to expect that enclaves of the wealthy would be protected by the military and the average man would be cut loose to his own resources. We also mentioned that our association with MJ12 was not necessarily going to continue, because it was an agreement made with the US Government, an arm of which became the Secret Government. A US Government cannot just call itself a US Government, it must in fact act like a US Government for our agreement to continue. Our agreement is null and void if the US Government serves only the special few and not the people it is sworn to serve, if it is no longer a democracy because martial law has been imposed, and for many other similar reasons.

Because, over the years, Presidents have tried to prevent the incoming President from knowing about and using MJ12, it has increasingly been cut away from the White House and became an independent arm. MJ12 has been populated by various civil servants, in the intel organizations to some extent, and some individuals who have never had any government service but who were pulled into MJ12 service due to their expertise or their position to help on a particular issue. All of the approximately 2,000 people who entered MJ12 and became members agreed, and signed an agreement, to allow MJ12 to assassinate them should they begin leaking information or financially gaining from information they learned from their MJ12 association. So it wasn’t a large group, and the governing board of 40 was certainly not a large group, but the governing board in particular was very independent. The President could not pull their strings. The Vice President was a member, but not a member of the governing board.

Because of the distress the governing boards of MJ12 felt over what they were certain were plans to misuse the Zeta travel service, they disbanded themselves. This happened in December, after the election, and they allowed a two week closedown. During that period there was a reforming of a new group composed of MJ12 members who had no association with the government in their past or present, because this was deemed to be a loyalty problem where they could be pulled in more than one direction.

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