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ZetaTalk: Misuse
Note: written on Jan 15, 2001

Over the past few years, we have enjoyed working with MJ12 as it has become a group of solidly positive and good-hearted people in the governing boards, due to the serious nature of the alien presence and the work that MJ12 performed. When an assignment came to replace someone who was exiting due to ill health or death, a life member of the governing board, those assigning a new member would select the best person they knew rather than some political hack. They chose serious minded people who were invariably spiritually mature. Consequently, MJ12 developed to be better than 50% solidly Service-to-Others oriented, a much higher percentage than the Earth’s population at large, which is closer to 27% Service-to-Others at present.

So we had begun to do some very good work with this group, and would have been loath to break this relationship, but we would be driven to this if our commitment to provide a travel service to MJ12 were to be misused by the Bush/Cheney crowd.

This crowd is not what it seems, as the public face is a front for a group which is not as benign as either Bush or Cheney would appear to be. Do not be misled. This is a group intent on serving themselves and not the public it is supposed to be serving. So in viewing this potential, and knowing the background, and knowing the individuals behind the scenes who pulled the strings to take the election away from the popular vote, which quite clearly went to Gore, MJ12 was distressed. The Zeta travel service in particular offered potential for misuse, as it allowed a cloaking of any MJ12 member who could be transported anywhere, and dropped into any home or business, teleported behind closed doors so that there were no locked doors or secrets or safes or people who could not be kidnapped from their beds.

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