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ZetaTalk: Increasing Irrelevance
Note: written on Dec 15, 2000

The US Government has considered itself a leader in the world - the pre-eminent democracy, a world power unparalleled by any other both in economics and military might. If the Constitution is abandoned, to be replaced by an essential dictatorship by the wealthy and powerful, how might this leadership erode, and what will be the outcome? Each government, around the world, will face the coming changes both as an individual country and in partnership with other countries. Third world countries will have the fewest adjustments in this regard, having been used for their resources or global strategic position. They will understand that they must struggle alone, and will not be surprised when their handouts and support promised are cut off, as they will be. Countries that have become a nuclear power will be treated with harsh warnings, but will scarcely pay attention as they themselves will be focused inward to their restless and starving populace.

Industrial countries, which have come to rely upon each other in trade and as partners during conflicts, will dither to a disappointed silence as promise after promise between partnering countries are broken. Finally, each will focus inward toward its own populace. World economics will become national economics, then local economics, then family economics, as times get worse. Thus a partisan US Government, protecting the elite in enclaves, will be overlooked and ignored by the citizens of the world, and eventually by its own citizenry. Like winter and summer, seasons that cannot be changed but must be suffered or lived through, the citizenry will treat a government that does not care about it as irrelevant. Taxes that are collected by force will be paid, but enthusiasm for programs clearly not in their interest will be ignored. The citizenry will make its own plans, and not include the government in these plans, so that eventually the elite are ensconced in their enclaves and the citizenry have made their arrangements elsewhere, and they function like island societies in an ocean, apart and essentially unaware of each other.

Is this what the elite wish? They wish for a devoted citizenry, looking to them for leadership and following programs outlined for them like sheep following the shepherd. Without a devoted citizenry, the elite will be left to their resources, which will diminish. This will make them anxious, but when communications break down, the only citizens they can bother will be those hapless souls living close at hand, who will become serfs or slaves or worse during the ensuing frantic breakdown in social standards. The elite, to the end, will try to entice the citizenry to work for them, near them, depending upon them in some manner or another. The citizenry, disenchanted, will decline, and slip away. Leaders who do not deserve the leadership position they hold, who have assumed it by fraud and force and sleight of hand, are treated as irrelevant.

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