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ZetaTalk: Social Security Scam
Note: written on Dec 15, 2000

A prominent promise made by the GOP, during the 2000 Presidential debates, was to allow the public to invest part of their social security moneys in the Stock Market. This was proffered as an advantage to young wage earners, to have the same growth opportunities for their moneys as individuals investing their own private savings. Is this true, and if true, why has such an opportunity not been offered before? Social Security was designed, during the Depression era, to provide an absolutely fail-safe means of returning to oldsters or those unable any longer to work, what they have invested into the fund. A hallmark, especially after the debacle of the 1929 Stock Market crash, was to make these funds protected, not to put them at risk.

This philosophy continued until the Reagan administration, when borrowing from the Social Security funds became rampant. These borrowed funds were placed into the Military Industrial Complex, which somehow was to placate all those in the populace whose funds were being squandered. Now that the same crowd will be back in power, or so they assume, this squandering of the public trust is to reach new heights. Running the national debt up again is only one of such squandering maneuvers, to be cloaked in excuses about military preparedness. The larger theft and picking of the public's pocketbooks will come about due to investments of Social Security funds into the volatile and soon-to-crash Stock Market. Why would such an offer be made to the public, and what will the outcome be?

Those among the elite, which includes the banking establishment, can see the writing on the wall as to the outcome of the earth changes already in effect and the ability of the Earth to sustain its current human population. Starvation and economic depression are right around the corner. With this will come bank failures, stock market crashes, and the rich scrambling to maintain what will become a fragile position above the masses, what they have always considered their slave class. They seek to delay this as long as possible. They seek to offset their losses, turning this onto those they have always had disdain for - the working class. They seek to maintain the Stock Market by investments from the na´ve, to keep an inflated market heat going while they make their own arrangements for survival.

When the crash comes, the public will stand in stunned silence while the wealthy count what they have managed to put aside for themselves. The message will be that all have suffered, when of course this is not the case. Those with foreknowledge of what is to come have been able to prepare, to buy land and stock supplies, to create what they hope will be safe enclaves. Those whose investments have supported the elite while they prepare will know only that they can expect financial rewards, have joined the upper classes in being able to invest, and will be duped until the last minute.

If one doubts that those who have promised such an opportunity for the working public to invest in the Stock Market have a firm allegiance to the banking establishment, look to the cry that was made when the election outcome was delayed. What cry was raised? That the banking industry might get nervous, due to this uncertainty. Was any word said about the working public getting nervous? It is clear where the loyalties of the GOP lie, and where the loyalties of the current administration lie.

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