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ZetaTalk: MJ12 Projects
Note: written on Oct 15, 2000

What projects does MJ12 now have on its roster, and how does ZetaTalk or Troubled Times fit into that list?

How do ZetaTalk and Troubled Times fit into the above MJ12 programs? ZetaTalk is viewed as a solid ajunct to the Awakening, and promoted discretely, though it needs little promotion. ZetaTalk astonished MJ12 by its popularity and almost instant international appeal. Promotion of ZetaTalk is thus done primarily by running interference, and to some slight degree by arranging media exposure. Troubled Times has likewise surprised MJ12 by its success. Most losely bound organizations are not much more than squabbling sessions, especially those with a broad membership crossing borders and backgrounds and cultures, including all ages and religions and classes, such as Troubled Times has become. Its success is atributed to the ZetaTalk message, which is considered so compelling that the Troubled Times members put aside differences to work toward what is jointly viewed as important goals. Troubled Times is assisted, behind the scenes, lightly, as a heavy hand from any government source is feared as a death touch, should the public come to view Troubled Times as a government arm. Like ZetaTalk, it receives light assist and occasional defense.

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