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ZetaTalk: Public Awareness
Note: written on Oct 15, 2000

Quite outside of any information the public may be getting from the media or from government announcements, they are becoming aware of the pending pole shift on their own. How does this happen, when key information is withheld and disinformation spread about? The power structure in a country, and their tightly controlled arms known as the media, are only a part of the flood of information the average human on Earth processes daily. Of greater weight are factors the human themselves observes - the weather, the price and quality of food, the general look of worry or happiness on the faces of those about them, the health of the woods and wetlands and in particular the croplands nearby, and any odd behavior of the Earth that may affect the area they live in. They also note contradictions in the news - not only bright forecasts not supported by the facts, but funds allocated to programs that seem silly in light of the everyday problems the citizenry are dealing with. Why the rush to Mars, for instance, and the need to find water there and support human life there?

Most humans are keenly aware of the ability of politicians to lie, spew forth hot air, withhold the facts, skew the facts, and are likewise aware that the media can be controlled. In dictatorships, there is only a single source of media information, from a station controlled by the dictator, so this relationship between politicians and the media is assumed and anticipated. Given a growing awareness that something is amiss, and they are not being informed, how does the public respond?

However, for most of the world, exhausted with the daily struggle to earn a living and feed a family, there is little awareness or preparation as there is no time for observation or energy for distraction of inquiry. The poverty stricken and undernourished take stock daily and find their situation horrifying. They have long given up seeking aid from the government, which fails to feed or protect them and in the main is an elite privileged class treating the working populace like a slave class. Even should they become aware of the situation, the need for moving to safe locations and preparing for a different diet, they are without the resources to act. Thus, public awareness of the coming cataclysms almost exclusively occurs in the middle classes, among those who have the time to mull and do research and access to information on a global scale, and likewise have a persistent personality and an intelligent curiosity. Most, therefore, will remain unaware.

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