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ZetaTalk: Muzzled
Note: written on Feb 15, 2000. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

How can the discovery of a planet as large as the 12th Planet be kept quiet? Look to how often the public is completely bamboozled even when they know the truth, have their finger on it, and have the evidence in their hot hands. The establishment lies. How many people heard comments by the astronauts, as they were stepping out on the Moon, that they were not the first, surprised at what they discovered there. Have we heard from the astronauts what it was that they discovered? They were silenced. How many people were disappointed because the recent probes sent up to Mars were not sent close to the Face on Mars and failed to take pictures at the right angle or with the scrutiny that the public was yearning for? The Hubble is not feeding directly to the public. The probes are not feeding directly to the public. The public pays for this, with their taxes, but they don’t get the information, and any hew and cry does not result in more information forthcoming.

Information is edited, parsed out very carefully, and when NASA and JPL are caught in the act, other information is dredged up from the archives, which they themselves have access to and the public does not have access to, to disprove the accusers. How is the truth kept from the public? By omissions, and by other explanations. Should any astronomer locate something that they believe is a body, influencing the outer planets and the like, they are deluged with counter explanations from the experts who hold images and information the public does not have access to, so of course the explanation cannot be countered. Likewise, there can be omissions from manuals. For instance, if the object is an infrared object that was discovered in 1983, that object is simply omitted from the catalog. Therefore, if astronomers find such an object, they are likely to assume that it is a temporary blip from some object that was not formerly there or riding that orbit.

How many people know of the 12th Planet? It doesn’t take many. In order to be certain of this, one has to have a high security clearance, and in those cases the individual is a reliable sort to begin with, who allows themselves to be muzzled. Look at the secrets that have been muzzled so far - JFK, where a single bullet was supposed to have traveled through several bodies. Who believes that? Nevertheless this is the official explanation, and those who know better are either silenced, kept quiet by their personalities and their sense of duty and their desire to be part of the structure, or killed. And it has happened also, with Planet X that a number of people have been killed. And these kinds of deaths ripple through the community that is aware of this, so it is a harsh reminder that they too should keep their mouth shut. Only the large observatories, of which there are perhaps a half dozen, and NASA and JPL who reel off the Hubble, for instance, are aware. The information that is noted by many is not analyzed except by a few who are under a muzzle order.

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